Monday, June 24, 2013

We're heading out West!

It's true! After years of SAYING we were going to take a trip to the golden coast, I've finally gone and bought us plane tickets! My dream was to take two weeks and drive all the way down the coast but all we can do this time is six days. Oh well.
We're flying into San Diego and are going to spend most of the time there and near Los Angeles visiting some old friends, and hopefully meeting up with Mr. Tiny! So we need some suggestions of what to do!
I was pretty sure I didn't want to go to Disneyland, but Travis wants to, and pretty much every single person I've talked to says we need to, so that is happening! I'm also hoping to visit Farm Sanctuary and take a class with Richard Simmons at Slimmons! (seriously, is this doesn't happen I will be crying!). I am also hoping there will be a movie at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery . 
So what else do we NEED to do? What isn't to be missed? What is a good beach to check out? Are we crazy to no be in northern California instead? I can't wait for this trip! I've been to the LA area once a few years ago for a wedding, but Travis has never been to the West Coast at all! Yay!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Phyllis vs. The Lion

I bought this silly lion puppet at the Goodwill Outlet sometime last year. I have no reason to have it, but I couldn't resist! It is so cute and weird. When I was cleaning out the utility room I couldn't resist making it run around with the dogs. Phyllis was very curious about it, and I think a little scared.
 Look at her face!
 Isn't she cute?? The puppet is pretty cute too I think.
 Haha, best friends.
 She eventually took refuge behind Travis, which is funny because he was the one holding that thing.
Don't worry little pug, we've put the lion away. I still haven't been able to get rid of it. I really have no use for it at all, it is just so cute!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Cleaning out

Here is Travis changing the flood lights. It is unrelated to this post, but I had to post it.
Every once in a while I decide that I'm going to clean out every room in my house and get rid of stuff and get everything organized finally. Usually I make it through three rooms before I forget it and go back to making piles. Ha! We'll see if I can do better this time! Last week was one of those days and I decided to start with the utility room. That is how we enter the house, so we see this mess every day right when we come through the door.
 Ugh, how terrible is that? That brown paper bag is full of stuff from our Detroit trip in April! 
 I pulled everything out of the room and sorted it. I sent Travis to Goodwill with three boxes of stuff, mostly from my failed vintage booth! (Did I ever post about that? I cant remember). I put the dogs on their chains so they could be outside with me (this part of the yard isn't fenced) and Priscilla paced and barked at me most of the time! Such a drama queen.
 But a cute drama queen. Eventually she got tired and settled down.
Ahhh, much better. It is so nice to walk through the door everyday and see everything in its place. We'll see how long i can keep it up. Next up in the kitchen/dining room. I'm off work today I'm going to try and tackle those rooms after I go to the flea market.
And I couldn't resist posting one more picture of this little frog face!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Estate Finds! Masonic Lamp Edition!

So here is what I picked up at the sale I posted about the other day. The best thing is probably this amazing lamp! Remember how recently I was crying about how I needed some good lamps but never found any I liked? Well, now I have my poodle, and this ceramic beauty! Do you see the mason symbol? Travis is really into secret societies, and the masons so he was pumped when I brought this home!  It works, though we should probably rewire it, and I need the perfect lamp shade of course. 
 And here is my little folk art skunk family. I wish I knew the story behind them! I'm going to put them in my flower bed soon. The Story Book feels like a coloring book, and looks like one inside, I can't believe none of the illustrations have been colored in!
 I found another one of these silly little mice! I have another one in a suit, this one is a nurse! 
I couldn't resist this Girl Scout bracelet though at the time I thought it would be way too small for me to wear. But it fits! I LOVED selling cookies when I was a brownie scout, and I usually got the 150 plus patch!
These last two items aren't from that sale, they are from Travis' Grandma Betty! We went to visit her a few weeks ago and she gave me these two great items. I love those plastic cake plates that look like cut glass. And the pig cookie jar belonged to her mother! We were trying to figure out where it came from/when they got it but Grandma Betty said it had been around as long as she could remember. I'm going to try and research it sometime soon!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Estate Sale Sights

I haven't been hitting the sales as frequently this year so it took me a little while to gather some photos to share with you! Here are some of the things I've seen around town in the past month!
How great is this card! It was with a knife set and if I had needed one I would have bought it so I could have this card! I would love to see more wedding theme cards like this, like a toaster and a blender getting married!
 I love a felt craft, especially when there are pom poms and styrofoam balls involved! 
 Pretty adorable dish towel. It was super stained though, or it would have come home with me!
 Gorgeous pink and brown bathroom! 
 Every time I see one around town I wish my house had come with some beautifully colored tile.
 So many cute planters. I ALMOST bought the little yellow dog at the top left, but left it behind. I have way to many plantless planters already.
 Little elfy. 
I went to this awesome/weird house this past weekend. The owner had built it himself and it was so strange! All kinds of long rooms and stairs that came out of no where.
 Would you think I was weird if I told you the whole reason I went out to this sale was because I saw these skunks in the listing? Haha, I love them! I was so happy they were there on the second day!
Such a threatening sign! I went through and used my phone as a flashlight. I didn't find anything cool though. There were three or four ladies looking through another part of the barn and they told me that was there space and I could look once they were done! Ugh, please.  I just went inside.
Weird little dog house. I won't like, I kind of love old dog houses like that and would probably put on in our yard. They wanted too much for this one.
 Look at that huge bird cage! How cute!
 Anyone in the market for a big hornets nest? 
 Some cute old toys that I resisted. That monkey!
And look at this beautiful knotty pine bathroom! I like the vanity area and that heart chair! 
I picked up a few great things at this last sale, I'll show you tomorrow!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

What I've Been Up To

I said yesterday I've been super busy, so I thought I would share some instagram pics of what we've been up too. I'm still totally in love with instagram! It is such a fun way to share photos and see what everyone you know is doing all the dang time! 
Movies in the Park is one of our favorite things about summertime inNashville, but this year the movie list sucks! It was awesome to make it out to Grassy Knoll movie night to see Rebel Without a Cause! I got a bunch of people to go and I think I was the only one that enjoyed the movie. Ha! They are supposed to do Raising Arizona this month, I hope we can make it out.
We've been going to the movies a lot, which means we go to The Dog of Nashville a lot afterwards for veggie dogs! Their fries are SO GOOD too!
I got a ton of my hair cut off after growing it for almost 9 months! I think I am just meant to have short hair. I'm trying to keep up the short straight bang look. And I don't normally make Travis pose with me for a post haircut shot, this just happened to be on our anniversary so it seemed appropriate.
 Another sweet couple shot. 
 We went to Hayti to visit Travis' grandmother Betty. Her Christmas present from us was that we would come visit her for a weekend with Travis' brother and his wife too. I think she really loved it, and it was fun spending the weekend with her. Usually when we are there the whole family is around and it is so busy. They all love genealogy so we drove around to the graveyards in town and looked at their relatives pretty far back.
 While we were having dinner with Grandma Betty at the nursing home this little guy came through the door! I asked to hold him of course! He thinks I'm crazy I bet! I wish I could say I was posing, but no, I was just actually that enthusiastic about that little poodle.
 I have become completely obsessed with Star Trek. Can you believe it? I saw the new movie THREE TIMES in the theater! Haha, I don't know what has come over me. I'm making my way through Next Generation. Here I am watching Picard while editing some pictures for a friend.
There was a moth in our house and it was QUITE the event. These two followed it around and stared at it for hours.
 My good friend Thomas got a rad fancy projector so we've been over there to watch movies a few times recently. He made me watch Inception and I'll admit it was pretty good. He has lived in his house for MONTHS and has nothing on the walls, so I helped him hang up this gem the other day.
 Pricilla had her check up and it went great! Well, pretty good. She has gained FIVE pounds in the last year! I am really shocked. We measure their food and don't give them treats or table food! But I guess when we changed food brands we should have changed the amount they got. She has to lose two pounds before her teeth cleaning next month! And send us some good tooth vibes. Lets hope her bill won't be close to a grand like her sister's was. Ugh. Pugs!
I'm still into painting my nails! It is kind of like meditation for me. It means I have to be still and concentrate on one thing for a while. I'm still not great at it, but they are passable.
I'm still into making my bento lunches! My current obsession is making cucumber flowers. I didn't realize I liked cucumber until recently and now I can't get enough!
 These pandas are pretty precious too. I put Bragg's Liquid Aminos in them. 
 Here is what we brought to a bonfire/swimming party we went to about a week ago. Those vegan pies from Whole Foods are AMAZING, as is the vegan pizza from Mellow Mushroom. And I just found out that whole foods carries butter beer! How cute is that! It is really sweet, but fun for a party!
 I've been swimming a lot so far this summer which is awesome! The other day we had tater tots in the pool. Heavenly! And can you believe I'm posting a picture of myself in my bathing suit? You can't see anything but still! I got this bathing suit from Torrid and I love it!
I'll leave you with one last picture of this sweet girl!
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