Thursday, June 30, 2011

St. Louis Part Four: The City Museum (again)

there ARE exhibits in the city museum. but, almost all of them were blocked off for weddings. which kind of sucks. i feel like they should reduce the price if you can't get into the whole place. the one we did see was stuff that this guy finds in excavated out houses. really cool. I love all the lined up doll parts. 
there is a room where you can make paper snowflakes. it is so fun! the lady who is in there made up all the patterns and tells you stories while you work. here is the one i made: 

it was really hard! but it turned out pretty good.

ryan was waiting for us. he didn't want to do crafts.

stopped into the really dark corn dog/carnival themed bar.

there is a vintage store on the fourth story.

sponge angel.

we slide down to the first floor and go outside.

it is like a huge amazing playground. i don't take a lot of pictures because i'm too busy climbing.

we get a pizza for dinner. it was ok. 
last time we were here we got sandwiches and they were really really good.
after we eat go to the roof again, but take the elevator this time, instead of climbing all 11 stories.

ryan took this picture of us on the ferris wheel. that is us at the very top!
 the view was great but it was REALLY scary!

i took pictures to try and be calm. it was so creaky and rusty and HIGH and the guys working it looked 15. wah!

i love these strawberry shortcake pops. hadn't had one in so long!

we were talking about staying until they closed at 1 am, but we had been there 5 hours already and were so tired!

didn't get in the ball pit. the 13 year old boys were being too crazy.

until next time, city museum.

back at the hotel we collapse into bed. what a great day. 

St. Louis Part Three: The City Museum!

Now it is time to continue with my St. Louis posts! I'm having a big of a difficult time, because as some of you know I have had a live journal for almost 10 years and I am used to posting up to 100 photos in a post. Which isn't really something you do on a public blog. I've been trying to keep it down to 10 photos a post but oh man is that hard! So here is another little slice of our road trip to St. Louis:

after the pez convention we had to stop by one of the whole foods in the area. we are all work dorks. i snooped around my department and even talked to the girl who does my job in that store. it was really fun. 

they had this great asian grill in their prep foods area! made to order deliciousness.

i ate the vegetable rice, travis had the honey shrimp and some rice balls. it was really good.
next stop...

the city museum! we had been once before and it was amazing. it was still great, but i would not recommend going on a saturday in the summer. it is much more enjoyable on a weekday in november.


ryan immediately climbs up into the ceiling and travis climbs under the floor. it is going to take some work to stay together.

no pictures of the caves, too dark. but once it opens up! amazing! they have a slide that goes all the way down from the top, but the line was always too long.

travis climbs up this dome. it was REALLY high. ryan and i were too chicken.

the roof was so cool. it costs extra but definitely worth it.

driving the bus that is hanging off the side of the building.

the view.

climb back to the bottom for a brain freeze break.
the view from the cafe. so pretty. how lovely would it be to have a wedding there? 
ok, i'm going to have to split this up into a few posts. the city museum is just so cool, i can't narrow it down to ten pictures! 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

One of my favorite finds!

I made it about two weeks with my thrifting/estate sale ban. i still have a lot of de cluttering today, but travis took a load of stuff to goodwill today so i have definitely been making progress. this is a find i had before the ban though, i can't believe it took me so long to take a picture of it!

i was at an estate sale finding not really anything that excited me. i think i just has a ceramic unicorn in my hand and was making a final pass when i saw that box next to the fridge. i have been wanting an aluminum tree for years but the cheapest one i've seen was 159 bucks. this one was marked 25. i took it up to pay and the lady was like "i can't go down on that price, i could get that much on ebay..." but i was willing to pay that!
i left it in the box for weeks. scared that it was going to be really incomplete or in really bad shape when i finally took it out.

it's so awesome! and I think all the pieces were there! look at the mercury balls on the ends of the branches! i tried to find one like it online but could only find one without the balls (not that i searched too hard. i'm a lazy googler) i can't wait to put this baby out at christmas! now i just need a color wheel.
THEN today Eartha Kitsch posted about a free pink toilet in nashville. not that long ago i was commenting to her that i would love to have a pink bathroom and she called me out to go get the toilet and start it! so travis, being the sweet husband that he is immediately got into the car and got it for me.

look at the beauty! and speaking of what a sweet heart travis is...

he posed in the dog sling i got at tj maxx. i was there on an errand for work and couldn't resist this thing. phyllis and priscilla are both disabled so they can't go on long walks. our walks usually end with one of them in my arms, and they are a little to heavy to carry for long.

she likes it! she will ride around while i do chores around the house. so adorable.

Friday, June 24, 2011

St. Louis Part Two: Pez Convention

So the main reason for our trip was to go to a pez convention with our friend Ryan. That's right, pez. We aren't big collectors but I like anything nerdy and we had been looking for a reason to go back to St. Louis. For the record tyan IS really into pez. here is a picture i took of him with his collection for a beard growing contest site 2 years ago:

I was very proud that he won king beard that day.
 ANYWAY. We stayed in the convention hotel, but the only event we went to was the vendor day on saturday.  We weren't that interested in playing bingo or room hopping to see people's collections.
please forgive the weird coloring in these pictures. ugly florescent lighting is not my friend.

there was so much pez! my favorites were the vintage ones.

i set my sights on a big ear bunny. i looked at all the booths for the cheapest one i could find. i finally settled on 7 bucks. then immediately saw one for five. dang! but i love it. it looks really cute in my woodland craft room.

so expensive! so cute! there were some beautiful vintage snow whites that i never got a good shot of.

i bought this cute vintage ad. they were half off. i'm going to frame it for the dining room.

ryan was mostly looking for things to finish some sets he has. he was desperate for an elliot the mule deer from open season and for some reason it was really hard to find! we kept asking vendors for help and travis was digging through tons of dollar bins.


some of the things he was looking for were much easier to find. like arlene the pink cat from garfield.

some cool pez that were missing their paint.

here is what i ended up with. mostly cute 1 dollar stuff. the skull is a magnet. and i love the fuzzy ones.

ryan's stuff. nothing that cute except that old daffy duck. and the pez gun.

nerds trying to take action shots with the pez gun.

my license plate! not really. mine would say something like VLDMRT. 
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