Friday, August 31, 2012


Here is what I ended up with from the house I posted about yesterday. Most of this stuff was in boxes in the garage. I didn't have my usual estate sale basket so I was walking around clutching fragile things and digging through boxes with my finger tips. I need to always bring my basket!
Some little flocked deer and some cute cans of Christmas snow! I had to tell Travis I was just planning on displaying these, not actually using them.
How cute is this elf?
And this teeny tiny santa under a mushroom.
Can you believe I found another Christmas card list box, EXACTLY like the one I found at the world's  longest yard sale? What are the odds!
A little box of ornaments, some ribbon, and that panda! He is attached to a little wall plaque.
Santa bottle opener! For all your holiday parties I guess.
Cute Easter stuff! The little pink bunny is irresistible to the cats for some reason. They pulled it out of the bag I had it in, I've had to hide it from them!
These are little Napco holiday figures from the 70's.
The duck is vinyl and made in Japan. Isn't that little vase cute? Travis picked up the bottle and tape for his medical collection, and I can't resist a vintage book with a cool cover.
I also couldn't resist this thing made of four matchbooks.
This garden tool is so creepy!
This is one of my favorite things I've found this year! It was stuck to a painfully 70's teenagers shoe holder that was shaped like a person. I can't wait to wear it on my jacket all winter! Needless to say, this sale ended up being pretty good! There was some great furniture too, and they were practically giving it away! If only I needed furniture...

Thursday, August 30, 2012

An estate sale

My friend Thomas is looking for good deals on furniture and household objects to furnish his newly bought house and I've convinced him that estate sales are perfect for that. I thought there were no sales that interested me this past weekend, but he got me out and we hit this sale that hadn't been posted until the morning of the actual sale. How weird. The house was pretty cool. Sadly it had already been sold and was being torn down at the end of the month. 
That explained why they were writing prices on the walls with sharpie markers. I think it was the company's first sale. It was strange. At first I wasn't finding much, but I ended up with some good stuff.
Cute wallpaper. And cute matching beds.
Thomas browsing.
Scary! There were big closets lining the hallways. So weird.
Need any vintage Kotex? I would be lying if I said I wasn't tempted. Haha!
These chairs were awesome. The one on the right was calling my name, if only it had the bottom cushion! We saw some girls loading these into their car as we left.
See? I didn't leave empty handed! I'll show you what I got tomorrow.
We went and got lunch at a place called the Pied Piper Eatery. We got to sit at the Lionel Ritchie table.
Fried pickles!
Sadly, just like the first time we went there, the food was just mediocre. Such a disappointment.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Our new record player!

Here is what we bought at Third Man. I'm so excited about it! We have been talking about getting one of these since seeing one at a friend's house last year, and when we saw this cute Third Man version we knew we had to have it! Our old record player died a while ago and I'm happy to have one again. Also, if you are in Nashville and like Jack White you should make a trip to the Third Man store! It is really cute and the girls that work there have the coolest dress uniforms. It is a tiny shop, but worth a visit.
(I feel dumb saying it, but feel like I have too. This isn't a sponsored post or anything. I'm just really excited about it! I think this record player is so cool!)
It is so awesome! You can plug it in, or put batteries in it so it is portable! You can also hang it on your wall. It connects to your computer to records your records, and it has a built in FM transmitter so you can play it through the radio. Pretty awesome. 
I broke it in with the gorgeous Dolly Parton. I had to play 'I Will Always Love You" first.

I worked late yesterday, and Travis got home early, so we listened to records and drank smoothies. It was nice. I promise he was having a good time, not matter how his face looks in this picture, ha! Do you like he cute little uniform? He put on the Herb Alpert Christmas record we have and we danced around the dining room. I loved it.
And I think we need a close up on that grumpy little face.
I'm really happy with my new record player! You can by the same brand on amazon, they are even half off right now! They have it in black or white. You can get a Third Man Records one here.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


One of my best friends just bought a house that is only about 12 minutes from our house. I'm SO happy about it! We are really close with him, and our friends Crystal and Marc. We were all off and in town this weekend, which almost never happens, so we had to get together.
Even errand running is fun with your friends. Crystal's etsy shop has been taking off lately and I'm so proud of her! If you like spooky stuff, you should check it out. We went to Joann's so she could pick up fabric for her new Ouija purses.
We went by Third Man Records, too. I really wanted to pick up their Stephen Colbert 45 but they were out! We did end up buying something AWESOME that I will show you later! 
We had to take some family portraits in front of Thomas' new house. He is out of town a lot with his job, but I'm happy he lives close to us now so we can hang out. These guys are all like family to me.
Thomas has to get some work done on the house before he moves in, so it is empty for now. This house is insanely huge! I can't wait to come over all the time and play games and watch scary movies! Until then, we are using it as a gymnastics studio. 

The only game Thomas had in his car was Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? It was terrible! But it was fun to hang out with my best buddies. There is nothing like having a group of people that you are completely comfortable with. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Bobbie's Dairy Dip

I cannot believe I haven't been to Bobbie's Dairy Dip until now. I put the address in our GPS 2 years ago, but just hadn't made it out. But then Lauren over at Old Red Boots posted about it, and it gave me the push to finally go! Yesterday Travis and I went to a noon showing of On The Town (I LOVED IT!) and then went to find Bobbie's. I'm so happy we did!
So cute!

Look at these shakes! It was really hard for me to pick what kind I wanted. I had decided on the Loretta Lynn, then at the last second switched to the Memphis Mafia. Next time I want to try the Chubby Checker! Or maybe the Ali Baba.
The only thing that would have made it better was if they made butterscotch dip cones. I haven't found anywhere in Nashville to get one!
I love all their color choices.
I got a grilled cheese, which was awesome on a sesame bun! Travis got a veggie burger and said it was great. We shared a large fry, and they were good too. I loved the big grain salt on them.

I was so happy to spend the whole weekend with Travis, too. We had planned on going to Louisville for the weekend, but some car trouble put a damper on that. But we did a lot of fun stuff and really made the most out of our time. And we'll be back to Bobbie's before is closes for the season!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Second Round

The estate sale I posted about early in the week went for a second weekend. They added things they had found in storage and in the attic. I think it was better than the first week! Eartha Kitsch was there first thing in the morning along with me. I love going to sales with her. We like the same things and can point things out that the other would like! She got some GOOD stuff, including a REALLY great vintage table cloth and a beautiful light fixture! Here is what I ended up with: 
Kitty cat string holder! I was really thrilled to find this! I love old sting holders and this might be the cutest ones I've ever seen!
A little burglar alarm, a metal film canister, and a cute ornament hanger box.
Here is the back of the burglar alarm! Hahah, it is a little popper that you connect to your door knob and it will pop when someone tries to get in. Very effective! Haha.
Look at these two boxes of ornaments! They were down in a box on the porch! She gave me both boxes for two dollars! You know I was thrilled! What a crazy deal! Another guy found a color wheel (you know, the kind for an aluminum tree) IN THE BOX! I was so jealous!
A beautiful old photo! And a cute toy guitar. This is going is going into my wild west guest room that I keep saying I'm going to set up. Haha! Someday.
Look at this cool light! I'm hoping we can rewire it and replace the less than beautiful light in our bathroom. If not, I'm just out three bucks.
How gorgeous are these hand towels?
I like this one too, even though it is pretty confusing. What is going on?
I couldn't resist this frisbee! Excuse me, filmsbee. So lame!
I also got both of these planters for a dollar. The broken pieces were really easy to reattach. I like the horse a lot! I've seen tons of deer in that style, but never a horse before.
And last but not least, look at these glasses! It is hard to tell in these pictures, but they are pretty big, which I love because lots of my vintage glasses are small. I'm totally in love with these!
I turned up the contrast so you could see the pattern.
What a good sale!
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