Monday, April 30, 2012

I love the Nashville Flea

The Nashville flea market is so awesome. I live less than two miles from it, and somehow I forget it's coming up about half of the time. I'm going to try and go to the rest of the markets this year though! I always like to park in the back and start in the mule barn. I really don't ever bother with the air conditioned buildings. The best deals are in the sheds!
I can't resist old googly eyes! The vendor wasn't in this booth so I couldn't even ask the price. That was a recurring theme. I went on Friday instead of my usual Saturday or Sunday, so that might have made a difference.
I loved this cactus pitcher and glass set. So awesome, and out of my price range.
Does anyone know what this pattern is called? I hadn't seen it before, but it sure is cute.
I'm on the lookout for cheap horses like these for my wild west room, I've only found 2 so far.

I LOVE this chair. If I had a deck or a covered patio I would be able to resist it.
Gorgeous set of dishes. It was really well priced, but I don't need ANY more dishes. It was in this booth that I met ModFruGal! I'm so glad she said hi to me because I love her blog! It's so funny, I see Nashville bloggers around all the time and I'm usually to shy to say anything. I've got to start getting better about that!
All of a sudden I keep seeing this kind of Barbie stuff around and it is SO CUTE. I'm not even into Barbie at all, I just love the style. I saw a great lunch box like this at a local antique mall that I would have snapped up if it hadn't been $175! 
I wish I had stayed around to find the vendor to ask about this amazing thing. The plastic over it is a dome, and it has a picture of a girl in her coffin, and then the flowers are all 3D. Ugh, I really love it. A woman walking by took a second look when she saw me take a picture then gave me the most disgusted look. Haha. I know, I'm a total weirdo.
Another thing I loved. He wanted 65 dollars for it, and I just couldn't do it. But it really is a great collection of Halloween photos and ephemera. I actually went back because that is how much cash I had left at the end, but I'm just too cheap. I hope someone awesome bought it.
Ok Nashville friends, I want one of these birdbaths SO BAD. This is the second one I've seen at the Nashville Flea. The first time I wasn't willing to pay 100 dollars for it, this time it was sold. For real if you see one please let me know! I have been looking for a bird bath for 4 years and this is really the only one I love. 
I really love the flea market. I walked out with a basket full of stuff and only spent 30 dollars. I will say, taking the basket that I always take to estate sales was a bad idea I think. Vendors seemed to think I was out to steal stuff with it and I ended up leaving one of my favorite vendor stalls really quickly because he was hovering and being rude. So I won't take the basket again. It sucked!
I'll show you what I got tomorrow!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Happy Gotcha Day Priscilla!

A year and a day ago a coworker sent me a message with this picture about this lady pug that was at the Williamson County animal shelter. After talking about it all night with Travis, the next day I was on my way there first thing in the morning, knowing that I would at least pull her and foster her for a pug rescue.

When I walked into the shelter and asked if they had a pug, the ladies behind the desk kind of laughed and pointed at their feet. And there was Miss Priscilla, sleeping on a little bed behind the desk. Too sweet to be in the back. Within the hour I was on the phone with Travis, and Priscilla was on her way home with me. She had really bad ear infections and terrible arthritis, but she was pretty much immediately part of the family.
She and Phyllis got a long immediately. That was my one concern about getting another pug. Phyllis is special needs (obviously) and some of the younger pugs we had fostered were just too much for her. Priscilla moves about the same speed and sleeps even more. I think it was meant to be.
She is a super velco pug. If you leave her on the couch when you leave the room, she barks furiously until you come back for her. She can't even just relax on the bed while I'm folding laundry in our room. She has to get up and follow me around and lay on every single thing I lay down. 
Just look at that sweet old lady face! She was found as a stray! I think someone must have kicked her out because of her blindness and ears and arthritis and bad joints. Such a shame. How could someone do that to their pet? It breaks my heart to imagine this poor almost blind almost deft bow legged old lady wandering the streets looking for her family. At least she is safe now.
My sweet girls. They are always in the same bed in the morning and sleep cuddled up on the couch all day while we are gone. I'm a super creep and love to peek in at them through the windows.
This is probably my favorite picture of them. Look at those faces!
So happy gotcha day to you Priscilla! We are so happy that you are part of our family, even if you have the stinkiest breath on the planet, and try to eat the cat's food CONSTANTLY. Here's to many more years! 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Collection 14: Cats!

I love cats! When I was gathering this stuff up, I was actually surprised that I don't have more cat stuff. My family isn't in to cats, but Travis loves them! He picked Scampi up at an animal rescue just a few weeks after he moved out of his parents house. I have learned to love them too.
I love that yellow book, it is called "The All Color World of Cats." I keep it propped up like a piece of art. Then there is the siamese paint by number, a cute cloth cat that my mother in law gave me, and two planters! Travis bought the grey planter for his first apartment, he thinks it looks like Scampi (who is draped over my shoulder like a mink stole right now. It is annoying and cute at the same time) The white cat planter was my grandmother's when she was a teenager. I got it when I got her bed. 
Sweet salt and pepper shakers, I love their little feather headdresses.
My great grandfather gave my brother and I these cats when we went up to his farm house when we were little. The laying down one is mine, but my brother let me have his too. I think they are so sweet. That was the only time I met my great grandfather, but I always think of him when I see these kittens. I keep them on  my dresser (which belonged to my grandmother!)
Black cats.
This kitty is from the Goodwill Outlet. It was one of my first vintage finds there! After I brought her home, my cats knocked her off the shelf and her head popped off and her ears got broken. I glued her back together. I still love her. The cats also broke the cutest little glass kitten that hangs on the side of a flower pot. Sometimes they drive me crazy!
I need to ask my parents where this tiny black cat came from. I have had it as long as I can remember, and I'm sure there is a story behind it. It is very small, less than an inch tall!
I LOVE this vintage placemat. I found it in it's package at a thrift store. We keep the cats bowls on it. It is one of my favorite things I've ever found! I love the sweet kitten faces and the neon pink.
And of course I can't talk about my cat collection without mentioning our kitties!
Scampi. She is around 10 years old and a siamese/torti mix.
Murray Hewitt. We got him as a little baby the summer after we got married.

Scout. She was a feral cat that we brought inside just before we moved to our house. It took us months before we could even touch her, but I love her so much! She is tiny and cute, and is really friendly if you are the only one in the room. Someday we want to have a Sphinx cat, but that will be a long time from now, when we're down to just a few pets. 5 is a pretty full house!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thrift Report!

I am in Atlanta at a trade show for my job. They assigned us random roommates and I had been worrying all day yesterday about it, since I am the most awkward person alive. Thankfully my roommate turned out to be the awesome buyer from Chattanooga that i had been chatting with earlier. Yesterday we spent 6 hours in the ballroom talking to holiday vendors, today it is our normal everyday vendors. It is crazy how tired this makes me, I think mostly because I'm always so nervous! So while I wait for the events of the day to start, I thought I would post about something that doesn't make me nervous.

I keep having to work on the weekends so I haven't been able to do much estate sale shopping. Terrible! But we have been thrifting a little bit. We've been bringing home lots of books lately. I'm excited to read One Woman's Arctic. It is by the author of The Incredible Journey, which I love.

Cute copy of Ivanhoe
My favorite that I have found recently is The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes. The images are so beautiful, and are familiar to me, so I must have seen it when I was a kid. I love the image of her hoping up the mountain.
The picture of the bunny with all the little babies made me squeal! Could an illustration be any cuter?
I found a cool box of game sheets from the 1960's. Too bad the box was too messed up to bring home. I love the games though! They are double sided and really cute.
All that was left of this game was the top of the box, but I had to bring it home because I am crazy. It was too cute to leave behind! Plus, it was from the Goodwill outlet, so it was only 10 cents.
And of course I had to bring home a little weirdness. How scary is that witch!
This guy is a Billy Bob toy from the now defunct Showbiz Pizza. We had just watched a great documentary about Showbiz so I couldn't resist him! I loved that place when I was a kid.
A nice little hand drawn squirrel. I'm going to frame him for my craft room.
I have been wanting one of these trays for a while, I'm so happy I found one that works!
I need to have a party so I have a reason to use it.
And I know I kind of showed it before, but here is a better shot of my sweet Lisa Frank binder. I can't help but love it! It now holds all my negatives and prints from my Holga! 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I am 27 years old! Sadly, I have to leave for Atlanta for a work conference today, so Travis and I mostly celebrated yesterday. I wanted to go camping, but of course the last few days have been really cold and rainy. So here is what we did:
Travis got me my favorite cake! A mint chocolate chip ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins! They always make me nostalgic because my mom would get them for me for my birthday. My favorite part is the frozen icing blobs. Yum!
We stopped by the outlet of course, and I found two little treasures: this deer tray, and a knitted hippo!
Seriously, how cute is she?
We've been hanging onto some free passes for the Franklin Theatre (we won them in their tacky Christmas sweater competition) and when I saw that one of my favorite childhood movies was playing today, we had to go! 
Can you tell what it is? Sadly it wasn't nearly as good as I remembered. But it was fun to see again.
We walked around downtown Franklin a little bit, though most of the shops were closed on Sunday.
We walked down one of the residential streets and I saw these cute pastel houses!
We went to one of my favorite antique malls to kill some time before we met my parents for dinner. I love this booth, even though everything is really expensive.
Ugh, every time I see this jackalope I want it so bad! Then I think "Could I really have taxidermy in my house?" I just can't decide! I love him!

I'm looking for a light fixture for our dining room. I keep finding stuff that I love on its own, but I can't ever decide if it will look good in the actual space. This one is so cute!
Here is a self portrait. Me at 27. Hanging out at the antique mall as usual.
We went to dinner at the Mellow Mushroom with my parents and I had a really delicious calzone. We talked about going to see Titanic 3D after (since it was my birthday date and I could force Travis to do anything) but it wasn't playing for two hours, so we just came home.
We ate a lot of cake and watched Nausica, one of the only Miyazaki films I hadn't seen. It was good!
Priscilla is having a pretty good day too. She is wrapped in a blanket sleeping between us. 
So I had a pretty nice special day. And I don't have to go to work again until Saturday! I mean, I'll be working, but being out of town will be a fun change of pace. 
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