Thursday, April 28, 2011

Introducing Priscilla!

sooooo, who didn't see this coming...

please meet our new addition. Miss Priscilla!

she is eight years old. she was found as a stray. she is a chunky little thing, literally twice as big as phyllis! she has funny stiff legs that i think will get better when she loses some weight and is on some supplements for a while. she is so so sweet and follows you constantly and whines when you are petting her if she isn't close enough to her. she loves dogs and cats. they are both sleeping right next to each other on the couch right now.

she turned out to be exactly what we wanted. an older pug who is a little slow moving so she doesn't overwhelm phyllis. so welcome to the family priscilla!
i ended up changing her name because she didn't know the one they were calling her by. parsley was cute put it was too close to presley and i didn't like that. and now i can call her prissy for short. haha.

Date day with Travis

travis and i were off together on tuesday. recently it feels like we never have a day off together. it kind of stinks. so since we had the whole day we went out for brunch at pancake pantry. it was awesome to go so late, we didn't have to wait an hour to get in!

mmmm. i don't care if people think it's touristy, i love their pancakes and hash browns. travis always gets the buckwheat pancakes. i think the whipped butter might be my favorite part.
afterwards we went looking for a new wedding ring for me. since i broke my engagement ring at work last year i'm always scared to wear my wedding ring to work. i don't want to break it too. so i've been wanting something inexpensive that i can wear. i got this silly thing. i love it.

then we went to the goodwill outlet (of course) i didn't get much, but i found this beautiful baby...

5 bucks! it is SO heavy! and if you plug it in the peddle and lights work, i'm going to try to sew with it this weekend. i love it. what a beautiful thing! even the cord is pea green.

i got this pretty clock too. it works perfectly. i think it's from the 50's or 60's.

i got these vintage magazines too. i don't know what i'm going to do with them, but they were so neat i couldn't pass them up! all the ads are cute.

travis' parents gave me this adorable kitty for my birthday.

two recent additions to my milk glass mug collection.

i checked out an antique store i had never been too recently. most of the stuff was really expensive and i almost left but saw this sweet little carnival chalk elephant for just a few bucks by the door.

i'm using him as a bookend.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thank you goodwill outlet!

i had to give this its own post. one of my most exciting goodwill outlet finds ever!

it's a canon rebel, film version. sadly the battery door has been broken off so i don't know if i'll ever be able to use the camera. but i can for sure use the lens on my dslr! so for 1.00 i get a back up lens for my camera! awesome!
i would love to get it working and then take it somewhere awesome like rock island. I'm too scared to take my 20D there but it wouldn't be a big deal to break this little baby. we'll see.

Craft Time: Making a Curtain

I bought fabric to make a curtain for this window weeks ago! I HATE blinds, especially the nasty old ones that came with our house. So it felt really good to get rid of them.

hopefully i won't get distracted by those hotties on my desk.

pull out my best friend martha for a basic idea of what to do. that book is so awesome. i would highly recommend it. Most of the projects in it are pretty broad so you can really customize. I didn't make a curtain exactly like any in the book, but it had great basic information for me.

vacuum up the cat hair before i put my fabric down. i've learned that lesson the hard way.

i bought this fabric at ikea. i bought WAY too much. but we live 4 hours away so i didn't want to have too little. so four yards instead of two came home with me.

my curtain! very exciting! it was very easy. just some hemming.

it looks pretty good! my craft room is woodland themed.

looking for some ribbon to hold the curtain open. i have three boxes filled with ribbon, i need some good ideas for projects that use lots of ribbon.

rick rack to the rescue.

see how much i had left over? hahah. i could make a dress!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Some recent thrift finds

I've had this purse for a while but for a long time i wasn't sure if it was awesome or not. i got it at the goodwill outlet for about 35 cents. i saw an old man put it in his cart and was whining about it to travis. so being my hero, travis walked up to the man to offer him a few dollars for it. turns out the guy decided against it and put it down. with a little hunting we found it. i really like it now.

some vintage books, my weakness. including a lassie coloring book, that blue book is about photography. brownie handbook from the 1960's. Living Free is the sequel to Born Free, which has been one of my favorites forever.

i couldn't resist this one about a colt and a ball. each page has some photos, then illustrations of those photos.

favorite of the day. i love the cover! and i love dr. dolittle. you almost don't notice the animals in the pattern around the edges at first.

some fabric. the one in the middle STILL smells like moth balls after being washed and hung outside for hours. i should throw it away but haven't had the heart.

another milk glass mug. somehow i always find red ones. a vase. and a silly bag. i'm putting it on a shelf in my craft room and i'm going to put my camera in it when i'm at home. i've been just leaving it lying around since i got it.

another globe without a base. i'm waiting for a genius way to use these. i have 4 now.

and of course murray wanted to help me take pictures. it's hard to make them understand they aren't allowed on the kitchen table when i take pictures every time i see them up there. oh, and that "tablecloth" is a sheet i picked up recently. i need to hem it so it's a more reasonable size.

A day in great detail

now before picture of a dress i'm going to attempt to alter.

dang, i didn't mean for my meal to be yellow. oops.

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