Sunday, November 25, 2012

November Flea!

 Travis and I headed out to the Nashville Flea yesterday. It was so cold! I mean, duh, it's November, but it still caught me by surprise. I didn't have any thing specifically in mind, well, except Dream Pet reindeer. Though I just won a lot of TEN on ebay, so I don't really *NEED* anymore.
 The first thing that caught my eye was this fat raccoon! He reminded me of Priscilla. We saw a cute vintage fox mount too, that would have been a good candidate for the crappy taxidermy blog. Too bad the booth owner was giving me the side eye and I didn't take a picture.
 This thing was cute and about 5 feet tall! I would love to have some Golden Girl Cola.
 I love vintage Ken. Hubba hubba!
 Have you ever seen anything like this? Travis wanted to buy it, but I wasn't sure we'd ever actually make veggie waffle dogs. But how good does that sound?
 I loved this tin shooting game! It was expensive though!
 Travis has been angling for a scooter to ride to work for a few years now. He said if he gets one, he wants a helmet like this to wear. We'll see.
 You 'odor' know!
 Of course the star of the market was all the vintage Christmas! I love that Santa cookie jar. We have one just like it, but I'm still always happy to see them out and about.
 I really want a Santa like this! But not for 135 dollars.
 I really into these little pinecone gnomes. I hadn't ever seen them until I found one at an estate sale earlier this year. I think I have five now. This vendor had outrageous prices. They wanted 100 dollars for six of them! I won't even mention what they were asking for these cute putz houses.
 The flea was so empty. For other Nashville regulars, this is the shed that is right behind the antique alley building! It is usually PACKED full! A lot of the regular vendors were there. I don't know if that was because of the cold, or the November market is known as a slow one. The market next month is the third weekend instead of the last. I hope I can make it!
 After we left the market we went to Baja to warm up. We get take out from there a lot, but hadn't sat down and eaten together in a while. It was fun. We went to the Goodwill Outlet after this, and I found a few little treasures! I'll show you them tomorrow. 
 I'm leaving for a week, alone, tomorrow. I'm going to miss this dude!

Friday, November 23, 2012

A Weird/Awesome Gift!

I love instagram, a LOT. Especially when I get to see the weird, wonderful stuff my friends find. I was extra excited when one of my best friends, Dana, posted this amazing picture!
Dana used to live with us, and I miss her all the time since she moved to Knoxville. She came to Nashville to visit earlier this week, and brought me these amazing felt board pieces! I LOVE them!
 Here is a close up of that pouty kid, he is about a foot tall! There are multiple layers of felt for a lot of them, and then the details seem to be hand painted and printed! 
 I love the painted hair. This guy might be my favorite.
 A few more heads.
 And a silly little worm. I'm dying to see what else is in the bags she got! I never knew I would love old Sunday school teaching tools, but now I have something else to look for! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with these yet, but I definitely want them to be out where I can see them. Do you have any ideas?
Have you ever seen anything like these at sales or at an antique mall? Do you think they are cool too, or am I just a big weirdo?

Thursday, November 22, 2012


I kind of feel like you are required to right a what you are thankful for on your blog today! We are spending lunch time with my family, then dinner with Travis' so we have a big day ahead! We made mac and cheese (with about 5 kinds of cheese/dairy so it is GOOD and terrible for you) and black bean sweet potato soup last night. So here is a little list of what I am thankful for this year!
 My little family. I'm totally happy to share my life with Travis, the pugs, and our cats. 
 My best friends who are like family. 
 My actual family. My cousin Ashley (in the pink) is getting married soon and I'm so happy for her. I'm seeing a LOT of my family today. So many of them live her in Nashville.
I'm also thankful for this blog and everyone who reads here! I love sharing my passion for vintage with you, and I love reading your blogs too. I'm thankful that Travis and I are both employed and have our great house and our health, for the most part. There really isn't anything else I need in this world.

I hope you have a great day if you are here in the states and celebrating! I'm really looking forward to our Quorn roast, my grandmother's sweet potatoes, strawberry butter, and playing games with people I love!

Monday, November 19, 2012


I'm having problems with the site I usually host my photos on and it is bumming me out! Also, we've been trying not to spend much money because of my trip coming up next week, so we haven't been going out much, and I haven't been vintage shopping! I wish I had something exciting to share! But I do have a couple little snaps of everyday life.
 These dogs! Oh man, they bring so much joy to my life! My friend Brett actually came over and took some photos of us and the pugs tonight as part of his new series! I can't wait to see them.
My best friend went to Hawaii and brought me back the most perfect present!
A frozen yogurt shop opened RIGHT new to my work and it is trouble! They have boba, too. I'm kind of obsessed. Work is so busy now because of the holidays. I seem to forgot how exhausting it is every year. I'm really excited I get to go on a paid vacation the week after Thanksgiving. Perfect timing!
 I've been trying to go through lots of my things and only keep what I really love. The problem is I love EVERYTHING! I'm so bad at reselling you guys. I want to keep everything. Ugh, hopefully I can fill my case with Christmas stuff this weekend. December might be my last month at the mall. I am just not doing well, which is a bummer.
We've gone to the movies a few times lately. We went and saw Breaking Dawn Part Two, and it was so terrible/awesome! So much beheading and flying and angst! Everything I like in a movie, haha!
Here is my cozy living room tonight. Can you spot both pugs? 
I hope you guys are having a nice holiday week! The schools here have the whole week off! Which is awesome! Travis and I are both off work Halloween and we have a packed day. I hope I'll have something fun to show you soon! One week from today I'll be at the beach!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Collection 16: Bookshelf Games!

We are big game fans over here. Not video games, even dorkier, we are really into board games! We have TONS of them and when my best friends come over we usually end up playing games. Our current favorite is Settlers of Catan. For real ya'll, that game is so fun! I can almost never resist a vintage board game at an estates sale or at a thrift store. I've started a little collection of these bookshelf games by 3M. 

They were made from 1962 to 1974, and they are geared at adults. They are almost all abstract strategy games or economic games. The first one I played was Stocks and Bonds. My friend Thomas bought it and it sounds boring, you buy and sell stocks with the market changes, but I really loved it! There was lots of easy math and I felt like I was doing the budget, which I love! I found that one at the Goodwill Outlet. We got Quinto at a yard sale, and the other three at an estate sale.
The plain ones are the older ones. They look like a leather wrapped book so they look "classy" on your shelf. The Oh-Wah-Ree game was actually marked as a book at a sale. So far we have only played Stocks and Bonds, and Quinto. That one is kind of like scrabble but with numbers.
I love the photos on the back of the boxes! You can tell they really wanted to create a sophisticated scene. There are 27 games in the set, you can see a list with descriptions here at Board Game Geek.
They are really nice games. I hope I can find more of them! 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

2 Years!

Phyllis has now been a part of our little family for two years this month! Even though dogs don't care, I wish I knew her real birthday and how old she is, but since we don't know, we celebrate her "gotcha day!" every year in November. Here she is with her gifts!
 We don't give the pugs many treats or chewy toys because they both have to stay on the small side to help with their bad joints. But a few times a year is ok! I got some cupcakes from a local dog bakery, a lamp chop, and new little hand made collar, some omega bones, and even a bully stick. The bully stick really grosses me out but they seem to be a pug favorite online, so I broke down and got one. I can't even type out what it really is, you can look it up if you want. So sick!
 Do you like her pom pom hat? It was made by me. Kills me every time.
 Look at those eyes bugging out over the bully stick! Side note: since getting those teeth pulled it is almost like she is another dog! She is so much more interested in playing, chewing, and running around now! Poor thing, those bad teeth must have been causing her a lot of pain. 
 She actually lost interest in it pretty quickly. I think because it was hard for her to hold in comfortably with just one front leg. 
But her sister had no problem picking up the slack. This is actually the first time Priscilla was ok being left on the floor when I was on the couch. Usually she would bark at me until I picked her up, but not with that gross thing! She chewed it for over an hour, then Phyllis took over. We actually ended up throwing it away after a little bit because it STUNK so bad! Haha, I'm a mean pug mom.
The story of how we got Phyllis starts sad but ends happily. I didn't post much on this blog when it happened so this story hasn't been shared here and I feel like I need to add it in case someone goes back in the archives and sees posts about her and wants to know what happened. 
Before we got Phyllis, we had our first dog, Rose. She was a black pug that we got from a local animal rescue. We waited until we bought our house to get a dog because we wanted a yard for it to run in. We hadn't been looking for a pug, just a small dog that wouldn't chase the cats, but she made us fall in love with the breed. We only had her for about 9 months, but I was totally in love with her. She was sweet and smart and a mama's girl. Sadly she was killed in front of me one day when she jerked her leash out of my hand in a parking lot. It was incredibly traumatic for me, obviously. I don't know how long it would have taken me to begin to heal from the experience if it wasn't for Phyllis. 
About a week after it happened Travis went to a rescue event while I was at work (my first day back) and asked if any of the booths had a pug. Phyllis was the last dog left at the Metro Animal Control booth. She was found as a stray and had been at the pound for almost six weeks. He said as he walked back to the car with her in his arms, people at all the other booths were cheering for Phyllis because they had been rooting for her to find a home. I guess a three legged dog is a turn off for a lot of people? He brought her home and while I had been unsure whether it was too soon to bring home another pug, it was absolutely the right choice. Phyllis needed me just as much as I needed her. 
I still think of Rose pretty frequently, but I can look at pictures and posts about her without crying now. Though I did cry today going through all my photos to choose a few for this post. She was such a great dog and it is terrible that her life was cut short so soon after she was in a real, loving, forever home. Here are a few photos of her.
We were both totally in love with her. I have a tribute tattoo on my foot that I got while she was still alive, that is how rad she was.

(That outfit was for a themed fourth of july party by the way, ha!)
So here is to Phyllis! My little life saver. And also to Rose, for getting me addicted to pugs. Here is to many more years with my sweet tiny tripod!

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Last night I went with Travis and my friend Ryan to a bar in West Nashville called the Stone Fox. A local band called My So Called Band was doing a show where they played the Blue Album and Pinkerton by Weezer all the way through! Did you know I'm a HUGE Weezer fan? Maye be you did, looking at my blog name. I was totally stoked to see this show. And I met Lauren from Old Red Boots, which made it ever better! She is so cute, and really nice! I'm looking forward to seeing her again this week at a little blogger meet up back at the Stone Fox. The bar is really cute with great vintage stuff on the walls, like a huge velvet Burt Reynolds painting! 
The show was great. The played the songs perfectly and it made me so happy to hear them live again. I sang along with every one and had a little bit of a hoarse voice today. Pinkerton is my favorite album of all time, I absolutely love every single song on it. There were a few weird moments where we thought a fight was about to happen, and some girl's hair got in my mouth!! (Long haired ladies, please watch it when you are swinging your hair around in a crowd. I really hate it when a strangers hair is all in my face!) But over all it ruled. They said they are going to do it again soon, and I'd love to see them again!
Hearing all those songs made me really nostalgic. I was super into Weezer in high school and listened to them non-stop. I went back in my old live journal trying to find some really embarrassing pictures from the shows I went too, but most of them were in my oldest one and I couldn't remember the password. But I found a few, so please indulge me in a little trip down memory lane. 
Here I am the day I saw Weezer live for the first time! Check out the flying W's I made with the mustard. Those bracelets I have one were made by me and had alphabet beads that said "shakin' booty makin' sweet love all the night" which is from "The Good Life." It was actually the first day I ever talked to Travis! I am making that face because I rode to my best friend's house on the bus and Travis rode the same one. He accidentally hit me in the face as he was walking down the middle row. I had a crush on him so I was thrilled. Haha!
And here are my friends and I in line waiting to get in. There is Crystal to my right, who is still my best friend. We were 16 in this picture. So we have been best friends for over 10 years!
I've seen them live four times. This is the last one, about four years ago. At this show Tom DeLonge from Blink 182 sang with them and made all my high school dreams come true. Even though the later albums aren't as good, I still really like them (except Raditude. That one is AWFUL). I'm not even ashamed that this was my first big tattoo:
Dorky right? This is when it was fresh, I don't have any healed pictures of it sadly. It takes up most of my upper back. I want to get it redone, and add lots of flowers around it. We'll see. But I still love it.
I felt so happy when I fell into bed last night under the portrait I painted of Rivers in high school. There is nothing like singing along with a room full of people to your favorite songs. 
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