Saturday, August 29, 2015

Dog Day at Rock Island

Here we are, back at our favorite swimming hole, Rock Island State Park. The summer has turned rainy here in the South so we're trying to get in all the swimming we can before the temperatures drop.
This time our friends Aubrey and Beiser came.
And they brought their precious pup Kabuki. He is a boochi, aka Boston Terrier/ Chihuahua mix. He basically looks like a short Boston and it so sweet! Look at that smile.
Travis was the king of rock jumping as usual.
Aubrey was brave and jumped twice. She ended up getting a concussion from hitting the water so hard but we didn't know until the next day. Scary!
Look at him!
Travis has great diving form.
He wasn't into swimming. He was kind of into riding on a float like a little prince.
Varuca likes swimming a little more each time she comes out. She has gotten so big!
It was such a beautiful day!
He mad.
Mani cam.
Usually we just stick to the one spot but we did a little exploring this time. It is a beautiful place.
Everybody climbed this cliff. Aubrey and I stayed at the bottom with the puppies.
Awwww baby Veruca.
A few more jumps and it was time to go.
It was a tiring but fun day.

Friday, August 28, 2015

The August Flea: Too Hot to Handle

We've been having some of that teaser fall weather in Tennessee lately. I was excited for the August flea market, there is nothing like browsing junk with nice weather. To add to my delusion, I brought a sweater! In case I got cold! How did I forget, the August flea is the WORST! Haha, we didn't last in the heat too long. Here are some things we saw.
Thomas came with us. I made him try on stuff.
Always drawn to toys.
I have wanted one of these chalkware Elvis lamps for a LONG time! I never find one in decent shape for a descent price in the wild though. Someday he will be mine!
Speaking of chalkware...
Anything that looks like a dream pet immediately catches my eye. 95 dollars?!?!
When it is so hot we can't resist these overpriced lemonades! They taste so good on a sweltering day.
There was lots of taxidermy at the flea, as usual. So many cute critters.
I love this squirrel!
There was a whole basket of beautiful valentines, and this creepy one.
I think the heat made me not want to browse or haggle. I bought a few photos from this bin, and that is it. We had fun though!
Kimmie found this stunning piece of artwork to add to her office. You can hear all about it on her blog. For real, go read her blog! Kimmie is the best! (we have a date to see Dirty Dancing the Musical next month and I can't wait to have the time of my life)
There is a LOT of good vintage at the Nashville flea, but there is also a lot of less than desirable stuff. Like these hats.....I love drinkin' a BEEP. Haha!
I can't wait for next month! I really need a good vintage fix.

Sunday, August 23, 2015


While we were in Asheville I realized we were only about an hour and a half away from Dollywood.We've been talking about going there together for years so we couldn't pass up the chance. Going through my photos I realized I pretty much only have pictures of us all posing silly around Dollywood. I was cracking up going through these, so I hope you enjoy. If you want to see more photos of things around Dollywood you can check out our visit from May here.
We rode the train this time. They talk a lot about what to do if a cinder from the coal engine gets in your eye. It kind of freaks you out!
Someone left this Captain America dog just sitting here. Of course we had to take photos pretending we won it.
Crystal and Marc tried one of the giant pieces of pizza from the lumberjack restaurant. They said it was better as a photo prop than a meal. Ah well, I guess that is just what you get with theme park food.
Travis and I snuck in food again since they have almost no vegan options (the website lists apple sauce and salad with no dressing). But of course I couldn't resist some fries. Enjoy this gorgeous photo of me:

Crystal and Marc love big roller coasters like Travis. I rode most of them, but sat out a few. I was prepared and brought a book this time.
Frozen lemonades are a must on a hot day.

These boxes are stacked up in the window of the magic shop. Aren't they cute?
This random coffin is probably my favorite photo op in the park.
The shooting gallery is SO CREEPY!
Marc, Travis and I rode the swings. I hadn't ridden a ride like this in years and I loved it!
I probably couldn't have ridden it twice in a row. As I've gotten older I've gotten more susceptible to motion sickness. Such a bummer.
We might have gotten a stern talking to over the loud speaker because our posing got too enthusiastic. Sorry Dolly!
The deer is my favorite!
Lots of giant plush prizes being given out that day.
This little girl was LOVING her giant blow up alien. She was standing here making it wave to everyone that walked past. Fun!
It was a very fun day.
It ended, as usual, the the Pigeon Forge Mellow Mushroom. Yum.

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