Saturday, July 30, 2016

Life Lately

Hello, hello! Today is the first Saturday in recent memory where I had no plans and no responsibilities. Travis is away at his scooter club's annual rally, and I have spent the day watching Call the Midwife, lounging with the dogs and editing the tons of photos I have to show you. It has been a great day, I really needed a day like today.

Here is a little of what has been going on lately.

It has been about a month since we lost Phyllis. I commissioned a portrait of her and Priscilla a few weeks ago. These two will always be linked in my mind and I wanted to get a portrait made of just them together. It came in the mail today, and LOOK AT IT! Could it be anymore precious and perfect?
I ordered it from Cupcake Pug Co. I went to their shop because they have some adorable pug pins, and saw a listing for a custom portrait by Sophie Corrigan. I loved all her pug drawings, and mine turned out even better than I hoped. She captured Priscilla's silly ears and white face, and Phylly's little nub is just...perfect. I cried when I opened the envelope. I'm so happy with it. I might have to order one more of Mildred. Here is the listing, if anyone is interested.
Millie is doing very well. She got to go to her first Nashville Pugs meet up this past week. It was called "Pugs on the Patio." She was fine with all the pugs running around and people petting her. She doesn't really want to be held unless its me or Travis, but that's ok! Doesn't she look like a natural in her lei and sun glasses? She is a really tolerant little dog! She has lots of skin issues so I guess she is used to being poked and prodded. We love her so much already and we are learning to communicate with each other. I made the mistake of giving her a treat when she came in from going potty outside. Now she tried to get me to take her out ALL THE TIME so she can get a treat when she comes in. Oops!
This is Priscilla's new breakfast eating technique! Hah! She can't walk much at all anymore, but who needs to walk when you can be whisked from bed to bed by the loving arms of your family? All things considered she is doing pretty well.
We've been going to crunchy Tuesday almost every week this summer! A local sushi place, Nomzilla, has $3 rolls on Tuesday nights. The crunchy cabbage is vegan and is SO GOOD. It is a spicy tofu roll, wrapped in cabbage then tempura fried. Yum yum yum. And $3??
Travis and I usually share three rolls. Sometimes we add miso soup and sometimes edamame. I always leave SO FULL. If you are local, or come to Nashville, check it out! Best deal in town!
Weezer came to town in July, and of course I had to buy tickets. Travis ended up passing (It was a week night, and he works so early) so I got to bring Crystal with me. We met up with our girlfriend Marissa. That top picture is us at 15, seeing Weezer for the first time. Bottom pic? Us at 31, me seeing them for the 7th time! I cannot BELIEVE that was half my life ago! The show was really fun, and it was my first time at the new outdoor amphitheater downtown. It was really nice. I actually ended up there two nights in a row, because someone read my dream journal and booked Flight of the Conchords the night after Weezer. But that needs it's own post.
Like every other nerd you know, I've been playing Pokemon GO! Not that much, since I've been busy with work and it is SO hot here, but I love the game.
My favorite part is seeing the Pokemon around you. I don't know that girl with the poliwag on her lap. I've played Pokemon on several different game boys, and I'm trying to break my bad habits. Usually I only try to catch Pokemon that I think are cute, but that isn't the way to play Go really. Crystal and Marc are really into it and it is so fun to go on walks around town and hit all the stops!
BUT Travis hates. So much! Probably because all the people downtown who aren't paying attention to where they are going and get in his way while he's trying to work. We all love catching Pokemon around him, and saying things like "Travis there is a ratata on your butt!!" 
Like I said at the beginning of this post, it has been about a month since we lost Phyllis. I am still sad, but it isn't all consuming anymore. We decided on a private cremation for her, and I ordered a custom urn from this etsy shop. I am so pleased with it. When it arrived I cried (of course) and kissed it. I am keeping her on my desk for now. I miss her, every day, but things have gotten so much better. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Open House at Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary!

As everyone knows, I am a lover of senior dogs, especially the special needs ones. I have been following Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary on Facebook for a long time, and have reblogged this more than once on Tumblr:
Imagine my surprise and delight when I saw them advertising a fundraiser open house, and seeing it was only 30 minutes from my house! I had never even thought to look up where they were located! I immediately bought tickets, and this past Sunday was the day! I'm so thankful for the Facebook Algorithm for making sure I saw this event. (If you love old dogs too, make sure to give them a follow. They post photos of the dogs all the time!)
As you can probably guess by the name, they take in senior dogs and give them a place to live out their lives in comfort. They have lots of dogs at the sanctuary (at least 50!) and more dogs at 150 foster homes in the area. They don't adopt most dogs out, they get them forever fosters and take care of their medical expenses. How wonderful is that?
Crystal came with me because Travis had some work to do at home. We got to go in small groups to see the dogs. They have the "Wilder Gang" and the "Calmer Gang". We saw the wild ones first! OMG, so many gray faces to pet!
If you follow the page, you recognize this guy. It's Leo! He seems to be the most popular Old Friend. We got to pet him! Ahhh!
Just imagine: a petting zoo that consists of tons of old dogs. My heaven! 
You can tell all these angels are well taken care of and loved. The volunteers who were there were so sweet and you could feel their affection for their charges.
The underbite!
I could have stood there all day. 
Toby! (Please notice Frankie the pug in the background.)
Here I am meeting Bugsy, a pug with both his eyes removed. He was so cute! I wish I had asked to see Jeff and Jake! They are a pair of eyeless pugs who are on the site a lot. Everyone at the sanctuary was so nice, asking if there were any favorites we would like to see. Not everyone was out since it was so hot outside, so they carried some of the more fragile residents out for just a few minutes.
Oh look! It's Captain Ron!
Frankie! I was hoping we'd get to see him! Look at that face!
I think this is Snoopy. I love beagles, especially old ones. 
Here you can see what the yard is like. They have a little pool! And a deck with chairs to sit on, and then they have the run of the house. Everything was so well maintained and clean.
The first dog we all requested to see was Mildred! She is running for president this year, and they have been selling really cute "Put a Pug in the White House" shirts. Look at her sweet face!
I was so in love. I told her we have our own Mildred at home who is just as cute. 
That smile!
Next we headed downstairs to meet the "calmer gang". 
They didn't quite live up to that name, LittleBit ran out of the gate first thing! Crystal ran after her and brought her back, she was wild! They have everything double gated of course so she didn't really get out.
I don't know why I was making this face, but it makes me laugh. LittleBit was so sweet! She got hit and dragged behind a car! Poor little thing. The other dog I am petting is Bo. He looked like a little teddy bear.
Look at him! That cocker in the back is Oreo I think. 
These guys had the run of the downstairs. There are beds everywhere! 
Paris! She was queen of the back of the couch. There was the cutest old lady pit bull on the couch,  I never got a good photo, but she was just beautiful.
We headed back up to "the lookout" where most of the dogs are who are looking for foster homes. This is Precious. She is a chihuahua, but so friendly! One of the volunteers told me she loved to be carried around. You don't have to tell me twice!
I don't remember this sweet baby's name. 

This furry guy is named Troop and is SO CUTE. He has a furry body and a puppy face! He lays on the floor all splayed out like a bear skin rug.
Ethel! She really has my heart. She has lots of health problems but seems to enjoy tottering around, getting loved on by everyone. That tongue!
This little guy is named Danger! If we could foster a dog right now, I would totally ask if we could bring him home. We've decided to put fostering on hold for a while since Priscilla has gotten so frail.
Two Old Friends, enjoying the sun. 
The open house was such a wonderful experience, I think that Old Friends is an amazing organization. They give so many senior dogs a chance, when so many end up in shelters when their families decide they are too old. Senior dogs make the best pets.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Welcome Millie!

Happy day! I thought we would be waiting a while for a senior pug that would fit in well with Priscilla. Little did I know this little nugget was waiting for us.
Meet Millie!
Here is her bio from Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue. Read this and tell me how perfect she sounds for our family. Sitting on the couch? Soft treats? Gentle petting? RIDING IN A SLING?
We put in an application Sunday, I talked to her foster mama on Thursday night, then Friday night Travis and I were on the road to pick her up in Wilmington! It was a 9.5 drive each way, totally worth it. I put Mildred on her tag because I have decided that is her formal name. She can't hear much, so she doesn't really know her name anyway.
If you are wondering who that black and white boy is, that is Kabuki! He is our friends Boston/Chihuahua mix who we are babysitting. He is so good in the car, so we took him with us to pick her up! Priscilla can't relax in the car, so we decided that was too long of a trip for her. She stayed at my aunt Mary Jane's house.
Here is the first picture I took of her. The first of many I'm sure! She is so small and so cute! She must have a drop of something else in her, because she has pointy ears and teeny tiny chihuahua back feet. She has one cloudy eye and the tiniest roll above her nose.
Proud Papa. 
After we picked her up, we drove 4.5 hours back towards home to break up the drive. We stayed the night in a hotel and ate pizza at midnight. Look at her little face peeking! She especially loves drinks! She REALLY wants to drink whatever you are having, and her foster mom told me if your cup doesn't have a lid she will just plunge her face in!
This is Millie's post, but I have to give a shout out to Kabuki. He and Travis have a deep bro love, and he was so good on our trip. When he rides in the car he just hangs out quietly in the back. I forgot he was back there several times! She was good with Millie too. Once she let him know she didn't want him sniffing her, he has given her space and respect. Such a darling boy.
She slept with us the first night, alternating who she was sleeping by. She just wants you to be near to her.
Today we had another 5.5 hours to drive home. I was over it, but both dogs were great. She spent most of the ride on a bed in my lab, but every once in a while she'd jump over to Travis' lap and give him a minute or so of her time.
We made it back home about 5:30 and took her to meet Priscilla. Look at them!
Neither one of them is super interested in other dogs, so I think they'll be a great pair. Right now they are sleeping on either side of me on the couch. Getting Millie has really highlighted how old and frail Priscilla is! I'm so used to my old ladies who need lots of help, it is weird to have a dog who can walk and jump and follow me around.

There is no replacing what we lost when Phyllis died last week. But finding her has really helped me. I was able to get my first good night's sleep in a week the night we found out she was ours. I'm happy we are able to be a safe, loving home for a pug in need. I'm so excited to get to know Millie, and I hope she will be with us for years and years to come.
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