Thursday, May 28, 2009

One year anniversary party

ok, so our anniversary party was last night! and i'm kind of sad today realizing i didn't really hang out with travis during it! i don't even have a picture of us! hahah. oh well.

first some cooking photos! i love to bake, but i don't do it much since we started on weight watchers, so this was a good excuse to make these strawberry shortcake cookies.

Omg they were incredible! (if i do say so myself) strawberries are so cheap right now! and they were perfect in this! yum. i want to make some more.

i decorated a little. and travis went and picked up scurvy. i am babysitting her for the afternoon. so cute!!!

dana got their early! she helped me make a party playlist on my ipod. we laughed a LOT and listened to wizard wrock. very distracting.

some more guests. and grilling begins. why do guys love that so much? travis likes to cook anyway, but he LOVES the grill.

cara and i had a camera battle. she has the same one as me! almost. it's a 40D, mines a 20D.

ryan is having a really good time. already. haha.

we set up our new badminton set and kyle and dana try to tempt everyone over to play. but it doesn't work. haha. thanks for trying guys!

YUM! i freaking love watermelon. sadly i don't think i'll get to finish the other half since i'll be out of town pretty much til a week from today. poor watermelon.

time for dinner! we set up the food in the kitchen house, which we haven't used before. it's so cute. for some reason i never take a good picture of our party spreads. we had: burgers, veggie bugers, grilled corn on the cob, grilled potatoes with onion and garlic, broccoli salad, cole slaw, potato chips, hummus and pita chips for dinner. so delicious.

it's getting dark and there are way to many bugs! wah! when travis and i sit out there i swear i don't notice them at all. dangit.

such cute friends. most of the people that i love most in the world are here tonight. so lovely.

desert time! we had homemade ice cream with waffle cones and jimmies and cherries, key lime pie, strawberry pie, coconut cake, chocolate chip cookies, strawberry shortcake cookies, and homemade whipped cream.

here is dana laughing at cara's misfortune.

what a good idea though! cookie in the cone with the ice cream!

crystal is here!! she was late because she had a tattoo appointment. she was getting her chest piece finished up. it looks really amazing! but i never got a picture.

then the dance party started! it was really really good until my stupid ipod died. we didn't even get to do "singles ladies (put a ring on it)." after that a bunch of people left and i started feeling like a party failure. haha.

those that were left helped us bring most everything inside so we didn't have to worry about the rain. marissa attempted to get a game a boggle going. then brett, cara, dana, and i went "exploring" in our house.

it was really fun/scary. the house still creeps me out, even though i live here. but i never go in that part of the house. brett wants to do a fun photoshoot here and i'm really excited about it!!!!!!

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