Friday, December 24, 2010

Pugs In the Park

as usual, i have some pictures of dogs to show you. hahah. my blog has turned into "check out my pug". oh well. these are some pictures from the local pug meetups christmas meeting!

cash has to ride in the crate. it makes him really sad. poor thing. he has definitely gained some weight since we brought him home! even though he is still pretty boney. travis did a phone interview with someone who is interested in adopting his yesterday. i will be so sad when he goes! he is really sweet.

phyllis gets the best seat in the car. on her bed in my lap. what a princess.

jasper guarding the tree.

this is coach! he has a cute little sister named millie too.

phyllis loves hoping after all the other pugs.

look at that cute thing!

look at that handsome boy! i was really nervous about letting him off leash, but he was so good and stayed close and came whenever i called him. he plays fetch too. and i've teaching him "sit" and "leave it".

big monster head.

travis kissing bella. that picture makes me want to cry.
i still really miss rose.

all tuckered out on the way home.
after we dropped cash off, we took phyllis to petsmart to see santa. Phyllis was a little distressed when we put her in that strange man's lap. i got to pet a beautiful cavelier king charles spaniel that was in the line behind us. so awesome.

i feel like i never talk about the cats anymore. they are doing really good. they are very relaxed around phyllis and will even sleep on the couch with her! it makes me really happy. cash is great with them too.

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