Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Thrifting

The other day i went with some friends on a Halloween costume searching adventure. i'm just going to wear one of my old costumes (cuz i'm boring) but my friend ryan is doing something awesome. look what he got off of etsy!!!

audrey 2! i love it so much! i want to steal it from his house.  
little shop of horrors is my favorite movie of all time. and seymour krelborn is my dream date. so i was excited to help him find a sweater to wear.  
this creeped me out a little. "mommy hug me dry!" 
i found this amazing vintage halloween costume. for 2 dollars!! i was so excited. because that is the only vintage i found on the halloween racks even though blogs all over the place and talking about how their local thrifts are busting with vintage dresses. i was bummed.
i found this cute vintage jamaica tray as well. and another plastic santa. i have a problem. i have three of the SAME ONE and would probably buy any more that i see.
we finally found ryan a sweater. and a granny costume for a dog. it was a pretty good trip.


  1. I have read that there's supposedly a lot of vintage out of the Halloween racks, too, but I have yet to find any. I do love that costume you found, thought!

  2. haha i love your photos, they're hilarious.
    i am with you also - the vintage dresses were in the Halloween section of my hometown a month ago, but here where I live they're nowhere to be seen.
    Probably scooped up :(

  3. I don't know what it's made out of, but the indeed creepy "Hug me dry, Mommy" cape might make a super sweet Christmas tree skirt.


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