Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy October!

i was so excited to decorate for halloween this year! i've been too lazy to do it the last two years so it was fun going through my decorations. i had forgotten about most of my halloween stuff!

i love having a mantle to decorate. even if i don't decorate anywhere else in the house it feels festive.
i feel so cozy with the candles lit, watching pushing daisies, with the fake fire crackling away, and editing pictures. the weather feels really chilly today. i love it! i'm even going to have some hot tea before i go to bed. i'm so happy it is finally fall!


  1. Fun and festive! You guys over there really go for gold with the halloween decos etc. Us boring Southern hemisphereians just put them up the day before usually. If at all!

    I LOVE your wallpaper and that inset book shelf! SO cool!

    Enjoy the autumn!

  2. your halloween decorations are the best!

    by the way, my boyfriend is loving your blog right now, he is going all the way through it hehe. he likes your kitty that looks like OUR kitty :P XOXOXO

  3. That looks all kinds of awesome. I love how the wallpaper goes so well with it too.


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