Friday, December 2, 2011

Adventure Time!

So all good things must come to an end. And so we reached the last day of our vacation. And I have almost posted my last vacation post. It was so sad to leave our cabin and go back to work. I was hoping to come back refreshed and excited, but I came back more jaded and dissatisfied. But I'm working on that. So here we are, on last picture on the cabin porch.

I love having such good friends that I can share a week long vacation with. they are like my family.
on our way out of town we stopped to get fudge, more taffy, air brush shirt, and stopped at all the photo ops we hadn't made it to during the week.

This shark store looks so strange on the strip. it seems like it should be at daytona beach.

There are LOTS of mini golf places in the smokies. This one is the cutest by FAR.

It was closed though. and no trespassing signs everywhere. We were standing outside the fence taking pictures and whining, when Thomas decided to go ask if it was ok if we took pictures. And the guy working the go carts said of course! So we went in and took probably 500 pictures between us. Don't worry, I won't post them all. Here are some of my favorites.
My new home.

I was laughing at his joke. We wanted to jump in his mouth but it was full of gross water.

Love it! I wish it was my back yard!

The octopus was the BEST

Travis stayed in the car reading but we were taking so long he finally came out and joined the fun.

I didn't want to leave! What a wonderful place. I hope it doesn't get torn down before the next time we're in town. I would love to actually play the course some day.


  1. Love the giant octopus, great pics


  2. i love your cardigan! love that shade of purple. :)

  3. the last picture is adorable. that should be your christmas card!

  4. Love it!!! We didn't play at our course either; we just tromped all over the course. The octopus is awesome!


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