Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Good Sports.

I wanted to take a picture of Phyllis and Priscilla to post on Christmas Day, and then I forgot about them! But they are so freaking cute I'm going to post them anyway. So this is officially my last Christmas post.

Priscilla kept the same sweater but I kept changing Phyllis. She loves it when you put something on her. If you hold out one of her shirts she will run up and stick her head through. So we started with a fancy sparkle collar thing. And Travis is sporting his new Christmas Kitty sweatshirt.

Then we moved on to a more subdued and classy neck warmer.

And then my personal favorite, her gryffindor hat! Look at those sad sacks!

That hat KILLS me. I bet I took 25 pictures just like this. All while saying "Do you want a treat? Do you want to go in the car? Do you want a bath?" to make Phyllis perk up.

Oh man, I love them so much. They are both in my lap right now. Perfect.


  1. he he gotta love those faces! I especially like the last one.

  2. bah! so pucking pugly (meaning achingly cute!)!
    Loaf it!

    Jordan's Typewriter

  3. OH MY GOD they are so cute, i can't take it. the gryffindor hood! i'd wear it.

  4. that gryffindor hat is AWESOME, as is your hubby for wearing that jersey x

  5. ooh I just love those cute doggie faces, thanks for sharing! hope you had a lovely christmas :)

  6. oh my gosh i am dying over that hat, too much


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