Thursday, December 27, 2012

The rest of Christmas

We actually didn't stay home all day on Christmas. We went to my parents house around noon, and then to my grandparents house around 3. A lot of both our families live really close to us, so holidays are always busy. 
 This is my favorite ornament on my grandparent's tree and I have to take a picture of it every year! My grandaddy was a Methodist preacher at one time, and that picture of him was his official portrait. Apparently one year a lady in the church cut that picture house, added the felt, and then glued it to a fly swatter and sold it in the church craft fair! I love that so much!! I should make those as gifts next year.
 This is Meg, our family dog. She is 12 years old! It is hard that every time I go home she seems so much older. My family is known for long lived dogs though. Our first dog Haley lived to 14 (she was a lab/german shepard mix) even though she broke her pelvis at 3 and limped the rest of her life. I love Meg, when I moved out I tried to take her with me, but my whole family is obsessed with her!
 And here is my brother's dog Amber. She is so smart and sweet. We opened presents there and we got a food processor and some cook books! Exactly what I wanted!
 At my grandparents house we did a dirty santa gift swap. Travis got this sweet hug light. My cousin Zack got the present Travis picked. It got stolen later though. A tortilla bowl maker is pretty hot property in a game of dirty Santa!
 My grandmother got this One Direction puzzle! She was thrilled as you can see. 
 Someone got this pack of fake mustaches and we couldn't resist taking a group picture with all the ladies. How cute is my grandmother, holding her mustache one so it doesn't fly away!
 I'll leave you with this amazing old polaroid of my mother meeting Santa! I LOVE it! I wish the polaroid wasn't so damaged, I would love to blow it up and hang it up each year at Christmas! I probably will anyway.


  1. I LOVE THAT PICTURE OF YOUR MOM! You have to blow it up. Have to, have to. Glad your Christmas was good!! Also- what is a hug light??

  2. That photo is awesome. I had a photo of my grandmother that was really damaged that I wanted to use for my business cards. I had it fixed (my sis in law did it in photo shop or something) and it is like night and day. Yours would look spectacular blown up...

  3. Most photographers can take pictures of old photos, fix any of the issues like creases by erasing them out and then produce a new photo for you to frame. I know we did it in our family with all the really old family portraits so each member of the family could have a copy. Happy Holidays! Love the mustache photo!

  4. I love your grandmother! Whenever I am in mixed company, I always gravitate toward grandmas; I think it is because we have so much in common. Yes, fortunately/unfortunately, I have a lot in common with most grandmothers - sewing, baking, early dinners, arthritis, Wheel of Fortune, you name it!

  5. I love how much your mom hates it in that picture! What a cute. She looks just like a doll! I also love your temporarily mustachioed family.

  6. Looks like you guys had a pretty fun christmas. I love the last two pictures.

  7. Such a sweet old Santa picture of your Mom - one to display, for sure,

    All the best in the New Year!


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