Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February Flea Finds

I didn't buy much at the flea this month, but it was still fun to browse. Here is what we brought home...
A pile of photos as usual. I'll scan some later this week and show you! I can't resist old craft books either. This on is from the 50's and is pretty great! Here are a few of my favorite pages. 

A beautiful hat made from a paper plate and cup! So classic.
 A bunny made from a marshmallow! I love the idea of some of these on top of an Easter cake. Or like the book suggests "Watch him melt."
 And sunbonnet Sue is just sweet.
 I picked up another house shaped shelf finally! I've been looking for a year, but never find them in person. There are some online, but I don't want to pay shipping. I use this kind of shelf to display my salt and pepper shaker collection. It is in the tiny little hall off of our tiny little kitchen that holds the litter boxes. I think the cats appreciate it.
 Here are the two I already have. 

 The windowsills are crowded with pairs waiting for a spot on a shelf. 
 Before the flea we stopped by the Family Tree Estate store. If you follow Eartha and Lisa you saw them posting about consigning some of their vintage clothes at the sales and I couldn't resist stopping by! We picked up these two shirts for Travis. He also bought a cute air force button up at the flea market, but he wore it and its in the wash right now.
 As usual I couldn't resist the precious vintage baby clothes. 
My favorite are things with cute appliqué like these. 
 Precious embroidery!
 Someone I love is having a little boy this summer, so now at least I have an excuse to pick up sweet little boy things. Teeny overalls are so cute.
And last but not least I got this poodle letter holder, then broke it while I was getting it out of the car. Here's hoping that I can fix it.


  1. I love your house shaped shelves! I have one but I still have to paint it. I love how your displayed your shakers. Hope you can fix your letter holder!

  2. I was telling Melissa and Eartha about those two shirts-- I LOVE the color of them, but they were too long on Matthew. I got them at an estate sale where nothing was priced, so I brought a stack of clothes up to a woman with a cashier's apron on. "I was wondering how much these shirts were?" I ask. "Hang on one second," she says, then hollers down the hallway, "PAMMY! HOW MUCH ARE WE ASKIN' FOR DADDY'S SHIRTS?" ((cue me turning the color of a tomato...))

    I love "Sunbonnet Sue" and those other little craftos...!! We should get the Dress Barn crew together sometime and get CRAFTY. :)

  3. Girl, I see those house shelves at the thrift store all the time. In fact, there was one at Music City Thrift (on Nolensville) a couple of weeks ago. If I come across 'em again, I'll make sure to pick it up for you :) Putting the salt and pepper shakers on it is the cutest thing!

  4. I love the shelves and really hoper you can fix the letter holder

    urban hounds

  5. Those shelves look so familiar, someone had them, way back when......

  6. I love the old photos! How cool!

  7. 3 things. 1. Please make the cup/plate bonnet for your next party. 2. I love that little overall outfit maybe because it halfway reminds me of what those my buddy dolls used to wear. 3. Yes to Lisa's craft night idea. I want in

  8. Love the shelves! hope you can fix the poodle, i hate when that happens

  9. I am begging you from the bottom of my heart to please try some of the craft projects from that book and post them here. :)

  10. I love your salt and pepper shaker collection and their little houses, so cute! I need to keep a look out for some of these house displays


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