Sunday, August 24, 2014

Estate Sale Report!

Last weekend I trekked about 30 minutes out of town to check out this estate sale. It was described as the home of two people who loved to travel and go to flea markets. Now they want to pack up in a RV and travel the country so they are selling all their stuff to make some money for their dream. How great does that sound? Here is what I saw:
 I knew it would be pretty good when I saw those deer on the walk up. I liked that guy on the left with the teeny tiny antlers but I don't need another deer head.
Anyone need a full outhouse set up? I wasn't sure if that meant it worked? Or it was just a faux one in case you wanted the sweet look in your backyard.
 Pile of radios. 
Urkel! I won't lie, I was tempted. I don't remember his catch phrase "No sweat, my pet" but it's pretty good.
I was very close to bringing home that wooden donkey! It was only a few bucks. I already have quite a bit of yard art so I left it behind.
Here is what I came home with! A great little wooden shelf. I cleaned and oiled it and it looks as good as new! I've already hung it and part of my salt and pepper collection is hanging on it! Also, check out that vegetarian cook book.
I'm really thrilled about this! I have almost bought one of these on two different occasions but I didn't want to spend 10 bucks. This one was 2! You put it by your bed to put your GUM on when you go to sleep! I don't chew gum, but I love this gross little thing!
 Some birds for the top of the cabinet in our bathroom. A vintage shell lady! And my favorite Christmas album ever on vinyl. I can't wait to listen to this on Christmas morning!
And most exciting is this little cart! I've been wanting one to use at the flea market for a LONG time but never wanted to use part of my flea market budget to get one. So when this guy popped up for just a few dollars I snatched it up! I'm going to give it a makeover soon. I'll keep you posted!


  1. I cant wait to go to the flea market with you soon! SO you can carry my birdhouses in your cart. That sounded like a euphemism. It wasn't!

    1. i'll put your birdhouse in my cart whenever you want.

  2. Hey! Your new layout/design looks great. I totally need to get to doing an update on mine.. Love the scores. Man I think I've said it before but that longest yard sale is on my bucket list!!! Great scores. Love the birds.

  3. I think that's a compost toilet! They aren't smelly and the "product" goes to gardens :)
    I wish I could met those travelers and I wish I could own a RV as well :D

  4. OmG! I squealed when I saw the Urkel doll.

  5. OMG. I totally had one of those gum parkers when I was young. Never used it though..... Lol

  6. The Mister finally MADE me get a little cart like that. I used it at the World's Longest Yard sale because I pretty much had to...but I super-duper hate it. It's so unwieldy! But I have to admit that you can haul a lot of stuff in it.


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