Friday, August 29, 2014

Nashville Flea: August Edition!

It has been HOT here in Tennessee for the past week or so. Heat indexes over a hundred some days! I wasn't sure if I'd make it to the flea this month, but my good friend Thomas offered to go with me, so we headed down to the fair grounds this past Friday. Here is a little of what we saw. 
 That big blue taxidermy fish is so beautiful! 
 I really like old shell are like this one. It was a little too expensive for me, but I'm on the lookout for a similar one to add to my vintage Florida shelf.
Glorious lamps! Have you ever seen anything like those shades! I'm actually on the lookout for a new lamp, but I didn't need two and I'm sure they won't split these guys up.
If I didn't already have four useless ashtrays in my house I might have picked up this sweet mama and baby deer one. How cure are they?
 Look at this purse! I REALLY want one of these. So gross and weird and awesome! It was 75 dollars though. Travis claims he saw one with a baby gator on it at the goodwill outlet but wasn't sure I would want it. I don't know if he went temporarily insane or what.
 I can't decide which of these guys is funnier to me. Derp on the let or screamy on the right. 
 Earlier in the day Thomas and I had been talking about these so it was funny to see them just a little while later! I have a very vivid memory of the Pizza Hut commercial advertising these puppets. Does Pizza Hut still give out toys? I had Little Food and Spike but really wanted Ducky!
 Cute poodle!
 This frog model was so neat! I wonder if it originally had feet. It was big too, about as big as a basketball I'd say. I didn't ask the price. The guy selling it is usually a little high (in his prices) and I really don't have a spot for it. But I love it! I hope it went home with someone.
Here is what I came home with. Isn't that dream pet style deer cute? It was my first purchase and only 50 cents! I haven't bought a carnival chalk prize in a while, the squirrel was too cool to pass up!
 My third E.T. and a sweet knee hugger.
Travis went to the flea the next day while I was at work and brought me home some photos. Including this awesome fishing one!
And last but not least, this little creature from the black lagoon guy. He doesn't shoot sparks anymore, but he is still cute!


  1. So fun! We didn't go this time and I was really missing it.

  2. Those derpy elves!! ha ha! I would have gotten those and kept them out year round. :)
    That deer is the best, love me some fifty cent treasure. Don't believe Travis found that purse and you won't feel squelchy, squeezy, angsty feeling in the pit of your stomach when you think about it. That's my best advice....
    You make me wanna go check out some yard sales in the morning!

    1. i wanted them both but they wanted 15 each! ah!

    2. Oh no way. Not for $15.
      No way.

  3. Great finds! That squirrel is tops!

  4. I thought the fish was a balloon!

  5. Land before time puppets. Man I love them. I have nearly all of them in the set now.

  6. The big blue fish is a Mahi Mahi, its wonderful. I have seen the baby alligator purses before as well


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