Sunday, September 25, 2016

In Memoriam: My Queen Priscilla

Travis has been getting on to me about updating my blog, so here I am. I have been avoiding it because I didn't really want to write another sad post. If we're friends on other social media, you have heard this already. It has been three weeks since we had to say goodbye to Priscilla.
Just seven weeks after losing her sister Phyllis, Priscilla was having trouble breathing and we rushed her to the emergency vet. She was there overnight, and in the morning we made the hard decision to let her go. She hadn't improved, and all of the options were full of doubt and worry over whether we would be prolonging her suffering. She had really gone downhill in the preceding months, couldn't walk or sit up. Even though it was heartbreaking,  I am glad we were able to be with her, and she left this world being cradled in my arms, her favorite place to be. But I was not ready to lose her so soon after losing Phyllis. It has been hard. Here is our last photo together.
Here is a look back at our five years with this goofy, loving girl. Maybe too many photos, but I am feeling nostalgic.
She was at Williamson County Animal Control and a friend who was working there sent me a picture of her. I went to see her, thinking if she wasn't a good fit, we could at least foster her for a rescue. But she was perfect. Phyllis and Priscilla were meant to be.
With tattooed Santa.

The sling. My favorite.

Christmas at their grandma's house.

Santa again. For some reason these Santa photos are really getting me. I love their matching pajamas. I don't know what I'm going to do with them, since they are custom. It seems too sad to get rid of them.

The raincoats! Notice Phyllis booking it back inside in the background.

Her big lake adventure last summer. 

In the storm this past winter. 
From this spring, when I wrote a post about enjoying every moment with Phyllis and Priscilla because who knew how long we would have together. I never imagined they would both be gone within 5 months. 
At her last pug meet-up. Her ears were like that after she got nerve damage in her ear and had a permanent head tilt. It messed with her balance, but it was very cute. 
So here they are. Back together in my office. It has been a very hard summer for me. Life goes on, but I miss these two every single day. I never knew grief could cause physical pain before. 


  1. You are the best dog mama I know. Those girls were so lucky that you saved them and gave them the best life

  2. Those ladies definitely stole part of my heart. They were both so sweet and kind and absolutely hilarious. I know your heart hurts...but know that those little old ladies thought that you and Travis hung the moon. Many hugs my friends. Copper and I will miss those sleepovers and the soft snores. ❤❤❤

  3. I'm sorry for the loss in your family. She was a gorgeous grand dame.

  4. Such a wonderful life you gave her! I know myself how the hurt is and my eyes are leaking. Seems like yesterday you had me make those jammies :(

  5. I am so sorry, can't even imagine what you are going through with the two leaving so close together in time.

  6. Oh so sad :( I inherited my nieces pug and she is such a fun little dog. I hope you get another pair to fill your life with more pug love!

  7. No doubt about it, this has been a rough year. I am so sorry for the losses you've experienced. You are a great example of love and devotion - so many great photos!

  8. My heart breaks for your pug loss. These sweet, fun memories are wonderful.

  9. Rae, I am so sorry for your loss. I know this is late in coming, we had a wild fire near our home this summer, then my computer died and I missed many of the posts of the blogs I follow. I was just looking thru my old feed and saw both of your posts of your sweet pugs passing. I'm a pug mom too and my heart breaks for you. I hope you are feeling better, I know it can take a really long time, but be patient with yourself. I will miss seeing those funny faces too.

  10. Deepest sympathy to you. It is so hard to say goodbye to animal family members.


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