Monday, September 7, 2009

The Wilson County Fair!

my internet at home has been terrible the last few days so i haven't been able to get my internet fix. torture! also, i have 1700 pictures to go through from our st. louis trip. haha. they were actually mostly crystal's believe it or not. for some reason i wasn't as trigger happy as usual since she was taking pictures as well. it's usually the other way around.
i think/hope travis and i are going to go canoeing on thursday. and we are probably going to see ponyo. that, or that woodstock movie with demetri martin. because he is so cute.
now i will finally post about the wilson county fair! the best fair in tennessee by far! the only one we went to this year.

before the fair we did some letterboxing, and i didn't take my camera, and later cursed myself because we saw some really cool sights on the trail. but oh well. we decided to eat dinner at the Bull and Whistle so we didn't eat to much expensive unhealthy fair food. look at that cute logo! the food was delicious as well. 

my favorite thing to do at the fair is pet all the animals. i will definitely pay a dollar to feed some baby camels. 

a new feature at the fair this year were tons of concrete animals everywhere. so weird. with a phone number at the bottom. i guess if you need to rent/own one. 
yes i'll pay a dollar for a tiny bag of carrots to feed some animals. that bull was scary. something about the horns. i was too scared to feed him. travis did though. 

there is dana waiting patiently for me to get done cooing at all the animals.
my other favorite part, the rabbit and poultry barn. it was a little to dark to take too many pictures. i always want to buy a rabbit there because they are so cheap and cute. 
just hatched bebe chicks! they had ducklings too! we didn't get to see any actual breaking out of the shells action though. 

i like the tiny chickens. so cute. and the ducks with the toupees.

dana was very excited about these sno balls! all summer we have been trying to get an authentic new orleans sno ball experience, and this is the closest. this guy is actually from Louisiana

yum! it was so good. i still want to try a chocolate one with condensed milk on it.

then it was time for the funniest part of the fair, the art contests! my favorite it think it the photography:
hahahaha what a beautiful photograph! there was an awesome one of a burned up baby doll and the notes said something like "great imagery with a message" hahaha. 
giant twilight? drawing. this thing was like, four feet tall. there was an awesome drawing of a native american/horse man pulling the hair of a naked woman/zebra. i should have taken a picture. 

we went to the banana derby, and it was more sad than cute. the fireworks were going off and the monkeys were obviously scared. they were chained to the dogs so they had to keep their feet down like they were jockeys. poor things. 
we didn't ride any rides. to expensive. four bucks just for the ferris wheel

yum. my favorite fair treat! caramel apple with peanuts!

photo booth! and you get two strips of pictures! how perfect is that?
then we went to see the prize watermelons and flowers and honey on our way out. travis bought some local honey. i was about to get onto him because we had just bought some at the farmers market but then i heard him telling dana "i like to get local honey to help with rae's allergies" and i felt bad. what a little sweetie. 
so that was our fair trip! i love it. the only thing that would make it better is if it was a few weeks later, so it wouldn't be so horribly hot.

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