Monday, September 14, 2009

Follow Your Heart BFF Tour

travis had a man's night out tonight. haha. i thought they were going to go rock climbing or something really manly (travis is obsessed with rock climbing lately) but they went to the movies to see his man crush gerard butler in gamer. i made cookies for ryan's birthday, and took a long bath and read valley of the dolls. i'm trying to read the big stack of books that i have bought at thrift stores and yard sales that have been piling up for a few years. i'm trying to go through all my stuff and get rid of things. it's not going well. i'm a pack rat for sure.
now i will finally post about our trip to st. louis! to refresh your memory, for months we had been planning on going to st. louis (about 5.5 hours from nashville) to see blink 182/weezer and have the best high school bff road trip ever. the day before the show got cancelled. i had already paid for the hotel. we had the days off. marissa didn't come, because she was flying to new york to see her boyfriend, but crystal and i decided to go anyway. we dubbed it the follow your heart bff tour because it seemed like if we planned something it didnt' end up happening, but we kept stumbling upon awesome stuff. so here is day one of our trip:

here we are at the start of our journey! we met at 9:30, since we didn't have to be there in time for the concert we got a little more sleep than we were planning. as you can see it was raining, but we didn't let that bum us out. i tried to ignore the fact that my hair looked terrible for the rest of the day. now i'm regretting not plugging my straightener into my car jack. hahah. 
not far from nashville we saw signs for the bell witch cave and decided to go. i have always been to scared to even talk about going there with travis, but for some reason this day it didn't seem so scary. of course, it was closed. 
this dog ran up to us as soon as we pulled in and was so sweet. we took some pictures and talked about coming back with our husbands another day. it looks like we'll have to wait until spring because tours only go through this month, and we won't be able to get a day off together on such short notice. bummer. we want to wear witch hats when we go. 
the next place we stopped was in illinois i think. at a marina called lighthouse landing to find a letterbox. it was crystal's first. she has carved some really awesome stamps, like lily munster. she was very excited about finding this box. the marina was in a really beautiful place so we hung out there for a while

my super sweet 98 honda civic. that is my car show pose.

crystal is doing an impression of baby from dirty dancing. you know the part, when she dances on the wooden dock. i wonder if anyone was watching us out there? they probably though we were crazy.

we walked down to the little beach and waded in. i'm smiling in this picture but it was horrible and really painful! all those little rocks. so bad! we took a million pictures of our shoes "on a date." i love having old friends that you can act ridiculous with. 
me and my bff til death. we always laugh because it seems like if i post about something that i did with only her, no one comments. haha. 
next we found this random americana hollywood museum. it's in metropolis, illinois and we were looking for the big superman statue. but this place looked so awesome we stopped here for hours!

it was so awesome we didn't know where to start!

i bet we were outside for 45 minutes taking pictures and freaking out about everything. the guy that worked there kept hanging around i guess waiting for us to come pay to get inside but it took us forever. we ran around the gift shop squealing about everything forever. we were the only people there too. i bet he was annoyed. 
finally paying. they were running a "one day only' special, this and the superman museum for 5 bucks. what a deal! basically the museum is this nerds stuff. it was space/elvis/james dean/elvira/universal monsters/pam anderson/angelina jolie/riverboat stuff. so much fun!

original batman was so cute! much better than christian bale.

the pamela anderson section was HUGE! they had tons of her outfits from her show VIP. and they were all really cheap looking, like they couldn't have been used for a tv show. do you like those nice boobs? they were called "jiggle jugs" but when we pushed the button on the front nothing happened. 

i bet we have 400 pictures from inside this place! it was so awesome! i want to open a museum dedicated to all the things i like. and just put all my junk in it. what a good idea. 
next we went to the superman museum. it was right down the street. we didnt' think it would be cool, since neither of us are really superman fans, but there was tons of fun stuff in there.

creepy wigs

we took lots of pictures outside of course. they had a cute picture of barack obama in front of the statue. i meant to photoshop him into a picture with us. but i forgot to do it.

if you see a picture with both of us in it in this trip, i probably photoshopped it. because i am a nerd.

we stopped to see big john on the way out of town. we were starving by this time. we wanted to go to a big boy so we were saving dinner until we got to one crystal had looked up. it was probably 6 o clock and we hadn't eaten since the morning. and we followed the directions out to the middle of nowhere to a restaurant called "nuttin fancy" or some crap. hahaha, we couldn't stop laughing about it and calling it "nuttin' good"

so i got on the internet in the middle of nowhere and tried to figure out where we were. we decided just to pull of the interstate in the next town we saw. so we did, and we came to a guy holding a sign that said "puppy sale! behind hardees!" so that is where we went.

and found a puppy store!! dream come true! there were so many puppies!!

did you know i love puppies more than pretty much everything else on earth? well i do. but there were signs all over the place saying not to touch the puppies!! stupid! i touched a few anyway when the girl was in the back.

so cute! we finally tore ourselves away and went to a little mexican restaurant we saw nearby. here i will put an excerpt from the journal crystal was keeping of our trip: "we went to eat mexican food at la Fiesta! so good. and the waitress called us "ladies" , aka lezlies. if she would have heard our heated Johnny Depp Fantasies conversation she would have known otherwise. we fantasized about being johnny depps kids nanny and him asking us to just hang out with him. omfg i cant even start. DREAM ISLAND. hott.. i will talk about it forever if i do."

we talked about johnny depp so much on this trip. haha, i don't know what started it. and people seem to always assume that crystal and i are a couple. people in high school did. and when we go out to dinner together. haha, dream dates.

after we ate we tried to get serious and actually make it to st. louis.

the sky was beautiful. we finally got into town and saw the arch. i didn't know it was metal! our hotel was fine, not fancy, but not dirty. we are terrible travelers. i left the key in the door, then when we went to get something out of the car we left the door unlocked and when we got back the bathroom door was closed and we freaked out and crystal had to kick the door open. we ate cake and watched michael jackson's funeral on tv and looked at brochures to make plans for the next day. we had lots of things planned but we didn't do most of them. but i'll tell you that another day.

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