Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kitty Party!

The kitties are very excited about having the house to themselves while we are on vacation. let's hope they don't get up to too much mischief while we are gone. (of course we have someone to cat sit, they won't really be on their own)
we dropped the pugs off at my parent's house. it is always sad to come home when they aren't here. look how pathetic phyllis looks sitting on my mom's back porch. i wish they were coming with us!


  1. Phyllis just tugs at my heartstrings EVERY single time i see her! i just love your lil pugs so much! it'd be so lovely to meet up at the puppy park one day! my girls are rambunctious and can be overwhelming (and might scare your precious puggies) but we live in the same town so we've gotta stop this "almost sort of running into each other" meeting! hehe don't worry, i'm probably just as shy as you are so you're in good company!

    have a great time on your va-cay!

  2. Phyllis totally has the 'sad puppy dog eyes' down!

  3. Don't let her fool you ... I bet they are having the time of their lives with the grandpawrents!


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