Friday, October 28, 2011

Little Bitty Halloween Party

I decided that i wanted to host a little Rocky Horror screening party last weekend because we are going to be out of town for the midnight showings at the belcourt this year. i only invited a few people over since it was so last minute, and only a few of those came. so here is the saddest little party spread i've ever made:

we had pizza too. and brittany brought the famous cheeseball and homemade crackers. and we still had too much food. as usual. the spiced cider was pretty perfect if i do say so myself.  
i made this halloween candy corn cookie bark. i wish we could have found the halloween oreos. but it was still good. it is SO sweet you can only eat one little piece at a time. 
i also attempted these candy corn cupcakes.  
my colors didn't turn out as pretty but they tasted really good. it was just a doctored up boxed mix. delicious.  
we gorged ourselves and then gave ourselves over to absolute pleasure. i love that movie so so SO much. i hope they will do it at midnight on new years. i've been singing the songs all week. i can't wait for halloween!


  1. That cookie bark is lovely & your cupcakes look delicious! I've been non-stop singing Rocky Horror songs all week long, too ... we've got our theater running it all month on weekends & last night in the emergency room a college kid came in dressed as Rocky in just gold lame manties ... surrounded by a gaggle of fishnetted Frank wannabes. I was sick, it was surreal & I wish I had had a camera because part of me thought I was hallucinating.

  2. How cute! I've seen a few bloggers talking about candy corn, it looks bizarre! I wouldn't say no to a cupcake though :) Rocky Horror rules!


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