Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day!

Here is what my Christmas day was like. A LOT of my family and Travis' lives really close to us so Christmas is always really busy for us.

I asked Travis to pose with our bags of presents on our way to my grandparent's house. (We have GOT to do something about that faded siding! It makes our house look like a shack!)

It was weird the streets so empty. It was about 8 am and there were no other cars in sight. This is usually a really busy intersection.

I think this was a "looking at Christmas displays" face.

The tree at my grandparent's house! What a haul! There were 12 of us there.

My favorite ornament. My Grandaddy was a pastor and one year one of the ladies in his church cut his picture out and made that, and glued it to a fly swatter! And was selling at the church craft fair! Hahaha, I love that idea. I need to make one of my boss next year.

A pretty vintage angel.

My cousin Lindsay and I played Santa this year. Look at my seat! How fun!

After the present frenzy.

Then we had our customary Christmas breakfast: cheese grits, scrambled eggs, Bicky's famous rolls, strawberry butter, and country ham for the meat eaters. I do miss that ham. So salty and delicious.

After breakfest we came home and I finished tidying up.

I made my favorite homemade crackers. Recipe here.

I put the girls in their new sweaters! (Martha Stewart pet of course, my favorite.) Travis' brother and his wife gave them to us! I also gave them their Christmas chewy things and they completely ignored me for the next 20 minutes. As you can tell by this picture.

Holiday fridge. Cut veggies ready to make black bean sweet potato soup in the bottom. Homemade cranberry dressing. Spiced cider ready to heat up. A cheese ball chilling with a pitcher of peach tea. I always seem to go overboard. At least I didn't insist on making dessert too!

I wanted a vintage snack set but I haven't found one yet so I got this plain one at Target. I forgot to take a picture of the famous cheese ball. It is incredible. I should post the recipe. It is always a hit at parties.

My new little deer planter gets a Christmas make over.

Ugh, i guess I have to change the table cloth now.
Travis' family came over and we ate and played games and laughed until late.

What a busy holiday. I feel like I need a day off after all of that, haha. I hope you had a lovely holiday and got to spend it with the people you love!

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  1. your posts are seriously always SO inspirational. you're basically living in my dream home, haha <3


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