Monday, December 26, 2011

I must have been a very good girl this year....

I was totally spoiled this Christmas. Here are some of the lovely things I received! 

Travis' parents got us a Roku Box and we have already used it so much! We can watch our netflix instant queue on our tv now! Amazing! And I can't wait to play gardening mama. Cooking Mama 2 has been my favorite DS came for a long time. Travis' mom got me a subscription to Martha Stewart Living! Magazine subscriptions are such good gifts! I always forget about them as options. Some other highlights were a butterprint pyrex bowl, and a book full of vintage images of kids with their dogs.
I have been kind of obsessed with that cat flag shirt for a few months, I'm so happy Travis remembered and bought it for me! And the print by Lisa Hanawalt is one of the gifts I gave Travis. But I love it so much, it was kind of a gift for both of us.
I'm probably most excited about my new camera bag from jo totes!! I have an ugly canon camera bag, but I hate it so much I never use it, just throw my dslr in my purse, usually with then lens cap off! So terrible! So now I have this cute bag that is padded and has room for me to carry another lens. I promised Travis that if he got me one for Christmas I would take good care of my camera from now on. So hopefully I will! 

What did you get for Christmas? 
I'm pretty sure Travis' favorite gift was his Nook Simple Touch. He has hardly put it down since yesterday! He is going to let me read a book on it to see if I like it. But I think I like real books better. 


  1. all such good things! i got a kitchen aid stand mixer i'm pretty souped about :-)

  2. You got some great loot! We got my Dad a Roku for Christmas and it's super cool (well, after we figured out how to set that sucker up!) I have a few photos in that Weird Kentucky book. They make really fun books. And I LOVE that camera bag. I'm afraid my method is the same as yours was.

  3. looks like you hit the jackpot! i love all of those things so i'm jealous! ;)

  4. i love martha stewart living! best magazine ever.

    oh, and i have a jototes bag, too. i have the rose bag in teal and i loooove it. we can be bag twinsies!

  5. i want a jo tote so bad! but there isn't one that is both cute and a useful size for me yet. i basically want to one you have, but in mustard and about 4-6 inches wider. you definitely have to show us picture of it loaded/in use!

  6. Wow, looks like you had an awesome Christmas! I need the Mindy Kaling book, she is hilarious!

    What Lola Wants

  7. Awesome loot! Two things: We were given a Roku and I don't fully get what it is yet.. I think we looked unappreciative at Christmas because Craig and I are both technologically challenged and had NO IDEA what it was. We were all OH, COOL.. (?!?!?!?) Haha, and second thing.. Craig has been hounding me for a long, long time about taking better care of my camera because I always just throw it in whatever bag I'm carrying around. I've implied that I'm looking for a camera bag I like but...I'm not. I should really get around to that because my lens cap keeps popping off. It's no good.

  8. oooh. My sister printed off and laminated the Cards Against humanity game and I got an illustrated book of mixed connections.

  9. This may be a silly question, but do you have the Weird Tennessee book? I think it just came out this year. Nick has it and the Arizona one. They are awesome!


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