Saturday, December 24, 2011

Collection 6: Vintage Christmas Photos

It is Christmas Eve! I'm working part of the day, then I'll spend the evening at my in-law's house, hopefully playing games and making the pugs wear their Christmas outfits. I thought I would post some of my favorites from my vintage Christmas photo collection! I love getting inspiration from old photos like these.

A pretty amazing Christmas card. Look at that scary Santa head!

It looks like "Merry Christmas" was spray painted on those curtains!

I LOVE that foil door. The back says "Xmas 1968 + Dixie"

I also love trees completely covered with tinsel. If I didn't have cats I would do that.

This looks like an office Christmas party. I think that is a woman Santa! And look at the pin up poster in the back! I really wish I knew what was really going on in this picture. Where are they? What is that equipment in the back?

Travis brought me this picture. It says "Margaret and I did get mink stoles for Xmas so we thought we'd do a little modeling" and it it from 1960.
I also have a few of my dad's Christmas photos from when he was little! You know I love that.

A tinsel covered tree! My dad is the little guy in the front.I love the checkered jacket!

My dad and his brother Steve with a creepy Santa! What is with the weird slack arm?

I have always loved this picture. I'm pretty sure this is them trying on their Christmas gifts. Look at those buckaroos! And my uncles scuffed up shoes!

A later picture. I love this for so many reasons. My dad's weird face, the glasses, that intriguing santa up on the bookcase, and is that a paint by number Jesus I spy?
I hope you are having a great holiday no matter what you are celebrating, even if it is just a day off! I can't wait to eat delicious food and see my family and open presents and make Phyllis wear her Santa hat.


  1. I love this post. Especially your family shots and the one with Dixie and the foil door. Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family!

  2. Awesome collection, I collect vintage photos too but haven't fulled delved into the Christmas category. My dad is a product of the '50s so he always advocated for tons of tinsel on our tree too! I'm really hoping that your dad saved some of the awesome decor/items from these photos, especially that paint by number Jesus.

  3. Tinsel! THATS what my tree is missing! love it love it love it. Great compilation of pictures.


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