Thursday, January 26, 2012

Best gift ever?

I almost forgot to post about one of my Christmas gifts. Which happens to be one of my favorite gifts I have ever gotten! My friend Marc, who is married to my best friend Crystal made it for me! I have looked at this pug wall hook for a while, but always thought where would I hang it? And I didn't love the chrome color. They were actually selling them at a local store. Well imagine my surprise when I opened my gift and found one, but made 1000x better by the paint job Marc gave it! Sugar skull pug!
It is just perfect.
I love it from every angle. I think my favorite part is the eyelashes.

Or maybe the bones on the neck.
I'm pretty much obsessed with it. I can't decide where to hang it. It is in the dining room right now.
Some other awesome gifts I got. I told you about that lion from Dana. But that sweet horse bookend was given to me by my friend Brittany. I love the gifts she gives me every year. We frequent one of the same antique malls and she always buys me something I talked myself out of buying because I don't need to spend money on myself near Christmas. I swear, I almost bought that little dude at least 3 times. I'm so happy he is mine now!

My other gift from Crystal and Marc was this great paint by number. I love the teal sky! Another piece for my western guest room!


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