Friday, January 27, 2012

Estate Sale Report!

Travis and I have been avoiding estate sales and the thrifts so far this year to save a little money for our trip to the Wizarding World. But when my friend Lauren hit me up and asked if I was going to this sale in Franklin I couldn't resist. And bonus, Travis had the whole day off too! 
Digging through books. This was the second day so the house was pretty picked over. I loved that little bed, I thought about getting it for Phyllis to sleep in, but they wanted too much for it. Oh lordy, look at that wallpaper! Here is a close up!
I liked the curtains too.
Sweet stuffed tiger, left behind in the top of a closet.
I didn't buy this, if you can believe it. Haha.
We ended up spending 6 bucks, and here is what we got.
I am a big Julie Andrews fan, so I couldn't resist these records. I'm regretting not picking up the Herb Alpert and the Tijuana brass box set!
Travis says he is going to cook us some french bread on this! I'm excited!
Sequined felt. I think it is for a mantle. You know I can't resist glittery Christmas. They actually had an awesome mid-century looking santa wall hanging (what tempted me to the sale in the first place) but the face was stained really darkly in weird patterns. 
Pretty metallic partridge in a pear tree paper. I'm not sure what I want to do with it.
And of course, more vintage Christmas. I can't pass it up. I am also a sucker for crochet pot holders.
I LOVE this holly santa with the spun cotton head.
This silly little bird is so sweet. Look at those pipe cleaner wings!
And my favorite find might be this decorated matchbox. Felt and sequins. So lovely.


  1. I was at that sale!! I picked up a red velvet dress with bows on it and a kind of pink raw silk dress that was in the closet in the room in the first photo. The lady at the checkout said there'd been a ton of 50's evening dresses the day before, but when I got there on Saturday morning, it was pretty cleaned out. I do love that wallpaper, though! And your xmas finds are great.

    1. i wonder if we were there at the same time! we were there at about 9:20 saturday.

  2. wow! sad i missed this sale - i don't know if i'm going to get out much anymore thanks to little miss lucy!! :)

    love that matchbox - so cute!! great finds!

  3. lovely! glad we ran into you guys! i need to post what we got. Did you see the super 8? We snagged it :)

  4. We totally missed this sale! We don't usually go as far as Franklin. Now that little tiger in the closet would have broken my heart. I would have had take him home! Y'all got some great stuff. I can't tell how those horse ornaments are shaped for sure but I found some once that were made like that and they were constructed so that candy canes could be put up in them to make them look like hobby horses on the tree.

    1. travis vetoed the tiger. i wanted to buy it so bad! and i think you are right about the horses. they open up on the bottom. how cute!

  5. I think Phyllis would have loved that little bed. Too bad it was way too expensive.

    Momma said she loves the wallpaper but then again, she is a wallpaper freak!


    1. i definitely understand being a wallpaper freak! i wished there was some way i could take that wall paper home!

  6. who can resist my fair lady and that wallpaper is absolutely divine x


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