Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hometown Date

Here is the rest of our date day, after we left the estate sale we went for brunch at Puckett's in downtown Franklin. It is a meat and three, it is pretty good, if a little expensive.

Travis got the buffet. They had apple spice french toast that was AMAZING.
I didn't want to overeat so I ordered eggs and hash browns. I barely ate any of the hash browns, i was so full! They are really good though, I love the scallions on them. I got my eggs over medium as usual and they were great.
Then we went to a Goodwill we rarely go to. I found a dutch hex sign, and two books. There wasn't really anything else that even tempted me. What a bummer.
We saw this cute little dude outside though. He looks like an ewok! His face reminded me of Phyllis.
Then Travis forced me to go to the library to get an audiobook for our road trip the next day. I HATE going to the downtown library. There are men looking at bikini pictures on pretty much ALL of the computers and it creeps me out. Also, I don't like going without a plan for what I want to look for. I hate just standing there staring at the shelves. I'm such a nerd, you would think I loved the library, haha. Usually I send Travis with a list. He loves it and goes all the time.
Look at these dorks in their matching shoes.
Then we went and saw this movie!!
I loved it! The book is really good, so if you are interested in reading it, I would wait to see the movie, because the pacing of the book is just fantastic. Everything unfolds just perfectly. It is one of the best books I've read in the last few years. But I think they did a really good job with the movie. The kid actor is wonderful. I bet I cried 6 times. I even though Sandra Bullock was really good, and I'm usually not a fan of her.
After the movie we picked up burritos, then went home and hung out with the dogs on the couch. We're dog sitting the dachshund Chloe again this week so there were actually three dogs laying on me. Heavenly. It was a pretty perfect day off. 


  1. It sounds like you had the perfect date day-- vintage shopping, tasty brunch food and a movie! You should post a photo of your hex sign, I currently have 2 and am looking for more. Sadly they seem hard to find here, need to go on a vintage excursion in PA.

  2. d'awwww! you guys are adorable!

    that book made me cry! i don't think i'm prepared emotionally for the movie yet!

    1. oh my god the movie is SO SAD. my jaw hurt from me clenching it trying not to cry out loud.

  3. Dutch hex sign? Jealous!!! I really love Pennsylvania Dutch stuff. I grew up in Lancaster County so partly it's just really nostalgic for me. Sounds like you guys had a great day!

  4. That food looks ridiculous right now. Especially those scallions hahaha. What a cute date :). Also, I'm so glad to hear that you were impressed by the movie. I still haven't seen it yet but I've herd from a couple people that it was terrible. I love the book and I was hoping it wasn't a total disappointment.

  5. oooo now i feel pressure! i hope you like the movie. i wonder why they thought it was terrible. hmmm.


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