Monday, August 26, 2013

Collection 20: Black Forest Weather Houses

Oh man, I haven't posted a collection since February! And you know I'm not out of them! I've been wanting to share this one for a long time but it is kind of hard to photograph. So here is my collection of Black Forest style weather houses (with an occasional cuckoo clock!) I have them hanging on a wall in my craft room. I would love to fill the whole wall someday!
This guy is the biggest and my favorite! If you aren't familiar with these, they are called weather houses because you can tell what weather is coming with the little man and woman. The woman is out when the weather is fair, and the man comes out when it rains. All of mine actually work, except for one that doesn't move. 
I love the little rabbit on this one, and you can't really see it, but there is a dog at the man's feet!
Most of them have cute little toadstools, too.
I like anything in this style, so I include the little cuckcoo clock in this collection. I just noticed, when I was taking the photos, that it is probably missing a roof. Oops! Still cute.
Another sweet tiny clock.
Here is the one that doesn't work. I'm not sure why. But you can see the little guy better. See his umbrella?
This one is a different style, I haven't seen others like it. It is Hansel and Gretle themed! See the witch? There is a little printed scene behind them with an open oven! Cute and creepy!
So there you have it! My little collection of Black Forest weather houses! I don't really seek these out, I just buy them when I come across them in the wild for a reasonable price. Maybe someday I'll be able to fill the whole wall!


  1. I love these so much! They really lend themselves to grouping they look ace together there on the wall. I do like a folksy folk-art thing, we have one of these traditional ones which belonged to my grandparents but also a dayglo pink one made in japan which has very fisher price styling!
    Hansel and gretel is hidious for a kids story, however your weather house is still charming!

  2. I like how they are so colorful and detailed. It makes for a really interesting little gallery type thing on your wall. My grandparents have one like your big one. I had no idea about it's actual use. Great collection! Hope you guys are having fun!

  3. OM fricken G! Awesome!! I LOVE a collection!

    Those look so cute all together like that..

    We had one when we were little. It's kicking round at dad's place -I make the cuckoo come out a few times every time I go to stay..

    Love your ceiling too by the way - is it papered?

  4. Oh my gosh! Something vintage and collectible that I didn't know about! Very cool! I love their woodland look.
    Erica :)

  5. So very, very cool.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Man I would love to come visit you and your house. I could spend hours looking at your collections

  7. Rae, thank you.
    I needed to see this. I really did ;)
    My granny has the same tan weather house with the witch and it is very special to her. She always tell me that if I see one like it, to buy it! I think it may be German.
    I love these things so much! I only have one cuckoo clock in the same style, and that was a sheer fluke to find it at Goodwill for $4.99.
    The last picture with a peek into your room looks so colorful and cozy. I love your home :)

  8. so cute I never knew about the little man and the women coming out at the different weather times, I'm going to keep my eye out, for one myself now :)

  9. I love those! So cute! I have a cuckoo clock (that I got at a Family Tree sale for $20....and then paid 4X that to a clock guy to get it running...ugh!) that is one of my favorite things. Those weather houses are darling.

  10. Your house looks like so much fun! I love that wall so much, and that little fox trivet is adorable.

  11. I sent a link to this post to my Aunt on fb for her to show my granny.
    My granny loved it!
    Just letting you know that you've got fans who don't even know how to "compute" ;)

  12. Every time you post a collection, I think there is no way you'll top it, and then you do. I loveeee this. I have the exact same little cuckoo clock that I got as a kid in Switzerland! It was the cheapest one so my mom got it for me. Since we were doing a family backpacking style trip, everything had to be budget. I've been wanting a weather house for forever but never have good luck thrifting or in vintage stores. The etsy ones are pricey! I finally got a big cuckoo clock for Christmas last year but it has never worked because the chain came off inside during shipping. It's near impossible to find someone who can fix a cuckoo clock.

  13. oh I simply love your collection posts! I didn't know about the man and woman indicating the weather. I have one of these little weather houses and I will have to keep an eye out to see if mine works, thanks for the tip :-)

  14. They look so amazing up on that wall. I love the detail and colour in all of them. I don't think I've seen anything like them in Australia.

  15. Hi.
    You have such a nice collection. I wish I have big collection. I started collecting them. I have one the same ones like yours on image no.4, but is is missing a lady. Do you have any idea where can I find it?

  16. I’m looking for a clock/weather house like yours—with the deer and mushrooms. I had one as a child and would love to find one like it. Any idea how it can be identified and searched on the internet?

  17. Hello! If you google "Black Forest clock" tons will come up!


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