Friday, August 23, 2013

Vintage Photo Friday! Vacation Edition!

My vintage photo collection is probably the collection that I am most into at the moment. It is so fun to go through bins and bins of photos at the flea market or at antique malls. As far as collections go, it is very inexpensive and doesn't take up tons of room! I always like seeing Lisa over and She Was a Bird doing her photo friday posts, so I thought I would start a similar feature over here so I can share some of my collection with you!
Over the years the categories I collect have expanded. I thought I would start this week by showing you some of my favorite vacation photos, in honor of our vacation to the West Coast that starts today! I can't WAIT to show you what we get up to, but for now, check these out:
I loooooove this couple posing with the taxidermy bears! I feel like this could be in Cherokee, North Carolina! Wouldn't you kill to be able to dig through that gift shop behind them? I can only imagine the amazing walnut crafts and beaded moccasins to be found!
I found this lady at the World's Longest Yard Sale. The photo by itself is incredible to me, but the caption on the back just pushes it over the top. "Sitting on a log, cooling my dogs." I can't even...
A trio of cuties on a  ferris wheel by the ocean in New Jersey.
A cute couple enjoying the beach. Hopefully this will be me and Travis come Monday afternoon!
"Edna Belou and poodle, 1922" Don't you just LIVE for Edna's cute boating dress with the striped collar, sleeve, and skirt? That looks like the perfect little boat to be on, and don't even get me started on the poodle.
A roadside chief! I have a few of these photos. I should frame them all together!
This is one of my favorite photos in my whole collection! I THINK it is Mexico, because I have seen boats like these on a few travel shows. Don't they look glamorous on that floral boat? A perfect way to spend a lazy vacation afternoon.
Hobby Land! It isn't a vacation without a little gator wraslin'
Smokey Mountain roadside bears are another category I keep an eye out for. Can you believe people used to encourage the wild bears up to their windows! I actually have an old reel from my dad's family vacations of a bear standing by the road with tons of people standing in a circle around him! It is crazy!

And look at this! The public are separated from this bear with just a tiny fence and chain. Poor thing. This photo actually makes me a little sad. Notice the sign says "Do not PUNCH". It makes me wonder what the rest of the sign says! You can see a little of another bear to the right. 
And here is another favorite! I picked up this trio of dude's at the yard sale as well. I have a few more photos with a similar painted backdrop but this is the best! The back is a little worn, but this is what I can make out: 
"Three Drunks
these are three of my bosses
Middle "best gay of them all" 
Don't you love it? Their uniforms, the mustaches, you can just TELL these three are a HOOT. 


  1. Such great photographs - thank you for sharing them! I especially love the sunbathing couple and the Navy boys.

  2. Love them! We just don't see loads of old photos in the op shops/garage sales here.. I really don't know why.
    I love imagining what the colours would be like in those old black and whites.. that mexican boat one would have been so colourful don't ya think?

    You have an awesome collection.. I love collections that don't take up too much space1

    Have a great holiday!

  3. The one that you think is from Mexico - absolutely is of the canals of Mexico City. Great collection, my favs are of the old swimsuit pics!

  4. Those are really great photos. Love that the woman on the log also has her arm in a sling..

  5. Love these pics!

    Have fun in California! Hope you find something real neat out there!

  6. You should start a Vintage Photo Friday link up-- I'd definitely participate and I'm sure Lisa would too! I've been lazy about blogging lately (too much instagram!) but this would help motivate me ;)

  7. Rae,
    That last one reminds me of the 1949 move, "On the Town" with Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly and Jules Munshin!
    New York, New York!
    It's a wonderful town!
    The Bronx is up and the Battery's down!
    The people ride in a hole in the ground!
    New York, New's a wonderful town!

  8. Great collection! My favorite probably has to be the one with the bear leaning on the car. I just can't imagine ever doing that! Crazy!

  9. I love love love these pictures.....vintage vacation pictures are the best. I actually know EXACTLY where that first Cherokee picture is taken, the building is still there

    There is still one of those stuffed bears outside, but it doesn't look too good anymore

  10. Oh, I love every single one of these! I am so happy to get a peak into your collection, you've got the freakin TOUCH at finding amazing photos. The bears, the gators, and Edna Belou are my favorites.

  11. Mexico pic is most likely from Xochimilco. Still beautiful today.


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