Thursday, August 22, 2013

Nashville Rollergirls!

This past Saturday our friends Crystal and Marc invited us to go see the Nashville Rollergirls. I have been talking about going for years, so I was happy we finally made it! Their bouts are in Municipal Auditorium downtown. That place doesn't seem to have changed since I saw the circus there when I was a little kid. You know I love that. 
We took the bus downtown so we didn't have to worry about parking and it was pretty fun! Nashville is not known for its public transportation so I have only ever taken the bus one other time when my car battery died.
 Cutest tile mural.
 The first bout was kind of boring, because it was the B team and they were really unevenly matched. Nashville won with a score of something like 350 to 95. Thankfully we waiting for the main event because it was awesome! They were playing Cincinati, who won, but it was pretty close up until the last minute.
I tried really hard to get a got shot, but they were moving too fast! I'm TERRIBLE at roller skating, so these ladies were amazing me.
 I would definately go again. Crystal's sister is training with them, and I would love to go see her play!
 The last bus was at 10:20 so we walked around downtown for a little while. It is mostly bars and gentlemen's clubs and karaoke, but there is this great candy and soda shop right downtown. It is called Rocket Fizz and was great!
 Of course we have to get a photo of everyone with their treat. 
 My favorite part was these cute little signs in the taffy! I really wanted to get something, and there are lots of vegan candy options, but they all seem to be gummy or taffy, and I have my temporary crown still so I can't eat that stuff.
 I picked the pop shoppe soda because it was so cute. It was just ok. Travis' almond soda was GOOD! I LOVE those Haribo wheels, even though no one else i know does. More for me!
 One more picture of those cute signs!
After we got our candy we walked down Printer's Alley, past nude karaoke, and back to the bus stop. A guy got Travis to buy an American Flag hat for a dollar, pretty much so he would leave us a lone and stop making trumpet noises with his mouth. Haha. It was a great night! There were mysterious fireworks over the river on our way home! We got back to Crystal and Marc's and were watching Event Horizon until I got scared (I'm a big wuss when it comes to scary movies) and we went home.


  1. Sounds like fun! We have yet to go see them, which totally bums me out! My mister knows E. Lemonator and there's another girl on the team from MI that is friends with my cousin Kayleigh (an Ann Arbor Derby Dimes rollergirl). I feel like we need to go show some support but their season is almost over. :( Also, Rocket Fizz is great! :)

  2. This looks like the most epic night. I love roller derby and am pretty good at skating. I love watching those girls fight their way through packs. SO rad. I can't get over all the candy flavors in that store. I've never seen anything like it.

  3. EVENT HORIZON IS SO SCARY!!! I love scary movies and that movie is terrifying! Also, I need to go to rocket fizz STAT!

  4. They have a team here in Asheville. I've only been once. I really didn't understand the scoring process, but otherwise it was very entertaining. I loved how the different girls had different gimmicks


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