Sunday, March 30, 2014

Gratuitous Pug Post!

Here are some photos of Phyllis and Priscilla. Just because I love them.
I love all those wrinkles and when they look back at me.
 Phyllis would stay outside all day if I would let her! 
 When it's really  nice I ask Travis to set up his camping hammock for me in the backyard. I love to read out there and Phyllis loves to sniff the air and bark at people walking through the alley. And look at Priscilla's face! She is worried I am going to kiss her. She hates it when we kiss her!
The right picture is Priscilla getting her nails trimmed. Our vet taught us this trick she calls "The Pug Boat." You put your dog on her back in between your legs with her feet sticking up. For some reason it makes them stay really still and let you cut their nails without the usual squirming. It has made cutting their nails so much easier!


  1. I love them toooooo awww dawgzies

  2. They are so bloody cute. I would love to get a Pug but hubby is so allergic.

  3. Every time I see their pictures, I want to get a pug! They are so cute. I'm going to try the Pug Boat trick...I have Cavalier King Charles spaniels and they are pug-sized so I think it will work.

  4. Never gratuitous! The reason I started following your blog was because you had pugs AND you thrifted. My sweet old pug just passed in November. I miss seeing her smelly old wrinkly face. she also hated to be kissed but I did it anyway! I'll be getting a new pug soon. I can't wait, but meanwhile it's lovely to see yours. Thanks!

  5. I love these two old broads so much...especially phyllis only because I feel like she gives such good face for the camera (and she is physically disabled....well wait, they both are)

  6. A perfect end to an otherwise lame day. :) I love their little faces. Soo cute.


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