Friday, March 28, 2014

Vintage Photo Friday: Dog Favorites!

For a while now I've been stashing the vintage photos I buy all over the house in little piles. Today I tried to get them all together and sort them into categories so I can put them into the vintage albums I've been stock piling. When I laid them all out I almost couldn't believe how many I have. I filled my whole kitchen table and wasn't even half done! Here is a small selection: 
The first thing I did was separate out some of the best ones to add to my shadowbox wall. I finally bought some new frames and the wall is almost full! So here are some of my favorites from my dog photo collection: 
 I have quite a few photos of dogs on military bases, but this one is the best! He is loving that soda pop!
 A photo with puppies is like hitting a jackpot for me! I love all these little guys lined up in the wagon. I feel like I know what that little girl is thinking. She just can't believe her luck! 8 puppies!
I bought a lot of photos from this familiy. They had lots of beagles and treated them like one of the family! There are some pictures of this girl hugely pregnant, then this sweet one of her smiling over her litter! Doesn't she look proud? 
And look at those puppy butts! Aren't they sweet? 
I always look through cabinet cards in antique malls but never find ones with dogs. Travis found this one in Louisville and wouldn't let me see it until he bought it! Isn't it perfect? It is one of the best photos in my collection.
I don't know what it is about this photo,but I've always loved it. It might be that huge pipe. And how caught off guard they are. The back says "Pat and Bob Sigmier and Freckles. March 1951"
Do you see the boy's pant leg rolled up for riding the bike? I wonder what the girls said to him to get him off of it so they could post with their little dog.  The back says : "Ain't this cute? 1 and Sammy insisted on getting on the bike. The background is certainly elegant, it looks like the slum district! It was taken at the back of the building, there wasn't any sun in front."
The little spaniels are sweet, but that monkey fur coat it what steals the show in this photo!
I couldn't get this one to scan well, but I love that tiny little dog! Something about how straight he's sitting and his little closed eyes just kills me.
Some of the first vintage dog photos I picked up where a set of about 10 photos of boston terriers. There is one with three tiny puppies in a basket that is hiding around somewhere, but I like these too. This is off topic, but when we were buying photos for a flea market vendor this past weekend he told us he has a customer that buys old photos where the photographer's shadow is in the photo. I think that is such a cool idea! I thought of it again when I saw the shadow on the stairs.
And last but not least this was sent to me by my blog friend Poppy. She posted about it on her blog, I emailed her asking if I could buy it because I LOVE it, and she said she was planning on sending it to me already! Could this photo be any sweeter? The woman's name on the back is too hard to read, it looks like "Bithermik Warna"but I can read the dogs name, Spoofy!! It might be my favorite out of my whole collection!


  1. GIVE. ME. THAT. MONKEY FUR. COAT. SPANIEL OWNER. I swoon. These are ALL "the best one", but the tiny head dog with the two guys and then "Spoofy" may be my favorites. You have such a wonderful collection!!!!!!!!!!

  2. these photos are so wonderful! I love all old photos of dogs and their owners they can almost bring a tear to my eye

    retro rover

  3. That dog on the horse. THAT DOG ON THE HORSE! That deserves to be blown up as a wall mural. Wowee!

  4. Leigh Sigmier FosterDecember 31, 2016 at 3:59 PM

    OMG!!! I can not believe That is a picture of my Mom and Dad back in 1951 with their dog Frenkles!! Where did you get the pictures? I would love to have the photo. Dad just passed away in 2015 at the age of 94 and Mom in 2013 at the age of 89. So weird seeing them on a blog. Please let me know how I can contact you. Thanks!!

  5. Love the Photo of Pat And Bob Sigmier, by the way they are my Parents!!! Just for the record, the dog is named Frinkles not Freckles this was My first dog...Todd Sigmier Poncha Springs CO. Please let me know if you have any other photos, I never saw this!! Thanks again. my email is

  6. Love the photo with Pat and Bob Sigmier, funny....they are my parents...I never saw this one, do you have any others?
    would love to see them and maybe get a copy from you? I'm sure my Sister, Leigh Sigmier Foster, would love a copy as well. Just for the record, the dog was named "Frinkles" not "Freckles" and he was my first Dog!!! my email is and my sisters is _Thanks for showing this cool phot and hope too hear from you soon - :)


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