Thursday, March 27, 2014

Estate Sale Report!

We went to an estate sale last Saturday that had some really promising photos! Full of vintage kitchenware, kitschy Christmas, vintage linens, pretty much everything I like in a sale! Sadly, all the other vintage lovers in town must have been excited too, because my Saturday it was really picked over.
The bottom floor was this strange low ceilinged apartment space. I loved all the floral drapes, but Travis wasn't into them.
There was a little kitchen and everything. Travis is in there for scale. He is right under six feet tall and the ceiling was probably six inches from his head. Check out the tiled counter tops. I love that.
I was REALLY into those drapes on the front window. Sadly upon closer inspection they were too damaged to bring home.
For the most part the sale was really reasonably priced. But this cracked me up. What did they thing it was? Because that is a Mulan toy from McDonalds.
This funny rick rack/tea cup creation made me think of Eartha Kitsch. Those pupiless eyes are kind of terrifying!
This walnut belt was KILLING ME! I wanted it so bad! Look at the little dangling walnuts in the front! Sadly, it was too small. Travis talked me out of buying it "Just in case." I will have to be happy with the photo.
There was another kitchen on the top floor of the house! Look at that counter. 
These candles were so cute! Now I kind of wish I had brought home that rabbit. 
We were really looking hard for something to bring home. I don't go out to sales much anymore, so it is really disappointing to go out and not find anything!
Here is what I came out with! I saw it on a bookcase and loved it but figured Travis would say no. (I don't want to make it sound like he is some mean guy who doesn't "let me" get what I want. He is the voice of reason for this knick knack obsessed lady, haha!) But he walked up to me with it in his hand a few rooms later because he knew I would love it. There is just something about a tropical souvenir! It's probably from Florida, because there was a lot of Florida stuff in the house. It has gone to live on my bedroom shelf with my kitschy snow globe collection.
Now that it is warming up and the sale listings are more plentiful I'm going to start trying to go out more. I've really been missing digging for silly treasures!


  1. My mother is my voice of reason (although I don't always listen). I love to go junking with my brother because he says if you love it buy it! Love your little treasure!

  2. I miss Eartha - reading her blog made me properly laugh out loud. She would have bought the walnut craft belt for sure

  3. Hahaha, I love the $15 Mulan toy! I went to a vintage store in my town a few weeks ago and they had a $20 'vintage' glass coke bottle that had 'Olympics 2008' written on the side. Umm...

    1. hahah, that is so funny! its like when you see stuff for sale on etsy as vintage that is from target...

  4. I had that tiger candle once upon a time!

  5. I love when you see things like McDonalds toys and such going for big money because people don't research them. I have seen stuff on etsy listed as vintage and it is seriously stuff from last years target dollar aisle.

  6. Oh my gawd….I would have bought that rick-rack cup guy and the walnut belt (even though it would never fit me) sooooo fast! We need a red phone like Batman has for situations just like this.

  7. very cite find in that thermometer, but that horse too funny
    retro rover


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