Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Travis' 29th Birthday!

Like I said a few days ago, Travis turned 29 on the 22nd! It was lucky it fell on a Saturday this year, and I was able to get off. We spent the whole day together and had such a good time! The weather was so nice and everything seemed to go our way. We started off the morning with some vegan waffles, made by the birthday boy himself! I made him put birthday candles in EVERYTHING this year. It made us laugh every time!
Scampi is Travis' cat, and she loves to be near him whenever she gets the chance. She sat in the chair next to him while we ate and he opened presents. I got him the Indiana Jones collection on blu ray and this cute manatee tea infuser. Do you like Travis' mug? It is a vintage one by a Japanese company (I forget the name.) We have a duck one he loves, then he found this one recently at a local thrift. 
 We went to an estate sale in East Nashville. Lauren over at Apron Strings Vintage wrote a post saying fellow Nashvillians needed to check it out. I wasn't able to get there until Saturday so the good stuff was gone! But you could tell by what was left that is was awesome! I'll have a post about it for you soon.
We stopped for second breakfast at Khan's. It is all vegan and they make an amazing vegan breakfast biscuit! We went in just to get cupcakes to eat later, but the biscuits were calling.
We were cracking up putting the candle on this soda! The waitress thought we were weirdos. Which is ok cuz it's true.
Yum! Seitan bacon egg and cheese! 
And of course there is the candle in his sausage, egg, and cheese. 
After this we spend a few hours at the flea market, which you can read about in my post from yesterday. Travis had some birthday money to spend but couldn't find the perfect thing.
It was so beautiful we wanted to spend some time in our yard when we got back home. Travis found this nice old Bocce set at the Goodwill Outlet last year. It has been sitting in our utility room but we never got around to playing it.
If you haven't played before, one person throws the small white ball, called the palino, then you take turns trying to throw your balls close to it. The balls are heavy and are made of stone. Our yard is full of mole hills so you couldn't really roll them. You had to throw them high up and hope they landed close! It was way more fun than I thought it would be!
Phyllis was an captive audience.
Here we were tied. You play to 11. And I won! I couldn't believe it!
We really tried to get a photo of him throwing a ball with a lit candle, but it was a little windy and it never worked! We had fun trying though!
Look at that perfect form!
The pugs would sit at our feet while we played, then follow us across the yard to pick up the balls. Then they would just sit there until we herded them back to where we were throwing from. We didn't want to hit them! Those almost blind old ladies didn't know what was going on!
After we finished the game I spread out a blanket and laid in the sun with the girls. Phyllis loves sun bathing and doesn't get to do it much. That is her over the shoulder pin up look.
Travis cleaned off our Bocce set. They look great now! Maybe we should have done that first! Haha. Look at our poor faded pink siding. It used to be that dark red in the top right but it faded in the sun.
Priscilla was VERY interested about what was going on in this box. 
Mmmm! Giant chocolate filled cupcakes with strawberry icing! 
The girls and I sang happy birthday to Travis then they stared at him while he ate his treat. 
Travis had a tattoo appointment at six so we went to our favorite local burrito place for dinner, Baja Burrito! He had the seitan chorizos con papas tacos! We ate so much good food that day!
I got the peasant plate. Their beans are my favorite. And the fruit tea. And the guacamole salad.
Then I sat for a few hours while Travis got started on his stomach piece! It was very painful but it looks awesome! Our artist and friend Jason St. Clair did it, he works at Flash City and is amazing! Of course we had to get one last candle photo!
Hahaha! It was such a good day! I'm so happy we were able to do so much fun stuff (and eat so much good food!) Happy 29th to my best dude!


  1. Whoaaaa his tattoo!!!! I'm a huge fan of giant front pieces on men.

  2. Those food pictures are making me so hungry - especially the biscuit!

    Happy birthday, Travis! I can't believe you ate dinner and then got tattooed on your stomach!

  3. Y'all's day looked awesome! Happy birthday to Travis! I giggled throughout your post!

  4. Happy birthday to Travis! Those candles are cracking me up...you guys are too funny. Looks like a super-fun day. :) And thanks for the shout-out!

  5. It makes me happy that you guys have so much fun together!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRAVIS!!!

  6. Happy Birthday to Travis! It sure looked like a great one! I love his hairdo. I haven't seen it like that but love it. I had no clue about that estate sale. My God. I am so out of the loop.

    1. its a new haircut! apparently he has been growing it out so he could do it! I love it too!

  7. That last photo made me giggle so much. Happy Birthday Travis.

  8. looks like a great birthday! That's some tattoo I could never stand the pain

    retro rover

    1. i couldn't do my stomach either! i'm proud of him for making it all the way through!

  9. Happy Birthday to Travis ... what a fun day!
    Love all the photos with the candle ... too cute!
    The girls look like that had fun spending time with the two of you ...

    Love, Ellen & The Fab Five
    Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

  10. Happy (belated) Birthday to him!

    Your pugs kill me every single time you post a photo!


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