Thursday, August 21, 2014

The World's Longest Yard Sale Part 2!

I realized yesterday I didn't really explain about the world's longest yard sale. And some of you might not know about it! It is basically a set weekend, usually the first in August. It happens all along highway 127 from Alabama up to Michigan. I've heard the highest concentration of sales happens from Alabama to Kentucky. The first year Travis and I went all the way to the start of the sale because I didn't want to miss anything. In two days we only made it about 15 miles! There are yard sales and fields full of all kinds of vendors! There are TONS of vintage vendors, and a huge variety. Here are some more of the sights we saw.
We stopped in this little town that went all out. There were sales lining the main street through their town.
While we were in Chattanooga we picked up a bunch of vegan donuts (and one oreo filled cookie) to snack on during the day. Yum!
 I call this "Three Hulks"
 The girls on this coke sign are SO CUTE!
 Ugh I love this missile set! 
 and I love how determined this rowing raccoon looks.
 I almost bougt that kitty.
 Check it out! I found another fold up hat! I like this one even better than my pink gingham one! It has a tiny pom pom on top! I got many compliments on it at the sale. And I think most of them were sincere.
 I REALLY wanted this lamp. We need one for our room and this guy is PERFECT. Travis vetoed it though. The one that got away!
But I did come home with this giant chalkware deer! I've never seen anything like him! He has antlers too! I'll show you a better photo of him (and the rest of the stuff I got) tomorrow! It was a little weird to only got for about six hours one day, instead of two full days in a row. But I'm glad we got to do at least a little of it! I love the World's Longest Yard Sale! Next year I want to head up to Kentucky and see what kind of stuff we can find there!


  1. I hope to god you got that weird floral rotary phone or brought me back that shirtless Hulk Hogan. My brothers had that figure when I was little. we used to try to put Ken Doll clothes on him.

  2. I guess I would have vetoed the lamp at $75 too, but it would have been difficult; it is perfect!!!! You have such a good eye; I am loving the canoeing raccoon!

    1. right? we couldn't test it to see if it worked either. which is such a bummer. it's the perfect lamp!

  3. Holy smokes what an amazing sale... love that hat!!

  4. I live vicariously through your Longest Yard Sale posts since I have never been. I must make a point to book vacation during that week next year. So many awesome things in your photos (8 track addiction here). Thanks for sharing!


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