Friday, August 22, 2014

World's Longest Yard Sale 2014 Finds!

Here is what I brought home this year! Not that much! We didn't even come close to spending our budget. I didn't have enough time to dig through all the junk! But I'm happy with what I got!
Travis insisted on having his two knives in the photo! And there is a better view of my sweet new hat! That little blue print book was the first thing I picked up at the sale. I was hoping it would be something a little cool but it was amazing!

It's full of photos of these ladies on vacation in Cherokee, North Carolina! Roadside chiefs and all! 

I mean, could this photo be any more perfect? The whole little book is like this! And it was a buck!
I got a bunch of salt and pepper shakers for my collection! Aren't the little wooden dog ones sweet? I broke one of those horse's legs as soon as I got home! I fixed it though.
These combine three of my loves in one! Salt and pepper shakers, snow globes, and Florida! The tag said $20 so I was just going to take a photo but the guy said "I'll take three bucks for those." SOLD!
A guy had a BUNCH of cute vintage ornaments. These were the best and I wasn't sure what his prices were going to be like so I just picked them out. Then he said "How about two bucks for all of them?" I wish I would have gone back and gotten more! What was I thinking!?
 An empty scrapbook for some of my vintage dog photos!
 My first set of nodders! I've been waiting on a good price! Now I need a set of the cool skull ones. 
Here is my deer! Isn't he cool? The second I saw him I knew he had to be mine! I'm thinking about making him some kind of wreath for his neck to wear at Christmas. The guy who was selling him asked me if I'd picked a name out, and when I said "No" he said "We'll you should call him Verlin. That is the name of the older man we got him from. We love him too, we just have too much Christmas stuff and have to make some room." I know the feeling dude. And he will be Verlin as long as he lives with me!


  1. That florida reptile world plate reminds me of Swamplandia. I hated that book! I am sure your experience with the plate will be better than the book. Also, I have been to Cherokee NC many times, and would seriously have pounced on that book, even though I am a little annoyed in my visits in the early 90s, I never had my picture taken with an Indian chief.

  2. You always find the coolest/cutest things!

  3. Verlin is a gem of a deer. He does need a holiday wreath!


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