Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Decorations: Oh Christmas Tree!

I decided to get a new, bigger Christmas tree this year. We've had the little 5.5 footer since before we got married (so more than seven years! ah!) and it was getting pretty crowded. So we went to Michael's when they were having a half off sale and bought this beautiful 7.5 thing! I love it! And it's already mostly full, haha. I can't resist a good ornament!
We set this beauty up on Thanksgiving and I've been enjoying the lights every night. I'll be sad to take it down.
We have vintage ornaments, the ornaments my grandparents bought me every year since I was born (the Santa/reindeer bicycle built for two was from the year we got married) and Travis' childhood ornaments. I love this one with the photo of him when he was six years old. Precious. 
Lots of vintage ones. That cute Santa is a favorite.
I've been wanting a Santa like this forever! I finally found one this year at an estate sale. My aunt knit me that cute tree pillow.
The woman I bought my angel from told me she loved her because she looked drunk.
I couldn't bear to put my talking Pee Wee away. Since taking this photo I put some mistletoe in his hand. Kiss me under the Pee Wee doll. I also get lots of delight from putting that Santa hat on my fox head.
There is the circus horse I got at the flea market last month. Beautiful!
We got Phyllis a few weeks before Christmas and got a few pug ornaments because of that. We snapped a leg off of all of them to match our tiny tripod.
And last but not least, my little tree on top of our medical cabinet. Travis has his vintage medicine collection in there.
That little silver tree is from the Target dollar aisle about 8 years ago. I was thrilled to find that tiny tree skirt with the pom pom trim a few years later. I need to find a tiny Santa hat for Merlin the squirrel! And a little stocking for him to hold.
I hope you enjoyed this little peek at my holiday decorations. I really love vintage Christmas stuff and look forward to putting it all out every year. And dread putting it all away. Ha! Hope you have a nice Christmas eve and day off tomorrow! I know I will.


  1. I so enjoyed your Christmas decorations, thanks for shareing.

  2. I love the new tree! So lush! Our tree is a big mish mash of my grammy's nice vintage ornaments and then some from our childhood that are made out of literal garbage.

  3. I just LOVE your house decorated for Christmas! So much to look at! Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year xx

  4. Love this! And you have books, too - really love that :)

  5. Nice to see Pee Wee is hanging out there as well, and it looks like he hasn't hung his two giant christmas stockings up. Thank goodness.

  6. love your ornaments. You could always put your squirrel in your tree (National Lampoons Christmas Vacation)

  7. Your new big tree is so cute, I love how many ornaments you have. That is something I need to start doing... buying more fun ornaments!


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