Saturday, December 27, 2014

Our Christmas Day

We had a nice quiet Christmas day at home this year. Travis and I stayed up late watching A Christmas Story and eating a seitan roast, then slept in until about 10! It was great. Thankfully the pugs didn't care. They like to sleep in too.
We had mimosas in the Christmas glasses my grandfather found for me last year! He and my grandmother have a Merry Christmas set and I've been looking forever!
We listened to records, including my new Mr. Spock record.
Presents and a pug occupied with a treat half as long as her little body!
New "wish you were beer" mug. Haha.
Travis is great at buying me gifts. I can't pick a favorite! Look at that Spock pug mug! And I finally got to try out Lush bath bombs. I'm in loooooove! Also, check out that vintage caiman. Travis was pretty slick and bought it while I was in the store with him. I had no idea.
Seriously, these two couldn't have cared less up about while they finished those treats. I made cinnamon rolls from scratch that didn't rise AT ALL. Haha, they were real dense, but still tasted good. I'll try again soon.
We went to the movies of course, to see Into the Woods. Unfortunately it was pretty terrible. Ugh, and it seemed right up my alley too. About halfway through I couldn't wait for it to be over.
After the movie we came home and Travis made a vegan lasagna for us to take to my aunt's house that night. We bought this blow mold Santa three years ago at the world's longest yard sale but always forget to get it out! Travis surprised me and put it on the car port last week! I love it! There is another deer but his base is broken. Now we've just got to figure out how to mount him on the roof next year...
One last Christmas cocktail...I'll take everything down New Years Day. I like to keep my cute stuff up a little bit after Christmas.
AND! I always forget about this amazing pink feather wreath because I don't keep it in the basement with the rest of my stuff. I finally remembered this year! Isn't it beautiful?
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday like we did!


  1. Oh no, that sucks to hear that Into the Woods wasn't that great... I was looking forward to seeing it.

  2. Merry Christmas...
    we never heard about that movie

  3. Your gifts from Travis are great! My sister and I LOVE Lush products! Glad you finally got some.
    That's a bummer about Into the Woods. Guess I'll skip it. We went to "Big Eyes" last night. You guys should go see it!
    It's really good and I love that it's a true story. Lots of midcentury vintage d├ęcor and cars in it too.
    Erica :)

    1. i went to see it saturday! travis wasn't interested or i would have seen it christmas day. i LOVED IT!!!

  4. I love all your pretty xmas decorations! Besides the movies, I guess you had a great time =)

  5. So glad you had a nice Christmas!
    I have been missing from blogland but I still check in!
    Yay for the holidays!

  6. Merry Christmas. I love your spok record you got.

  7. Deeply in love with that feather wreath...and kudos to Travis on the Caiman!! AAAH!! What a great gift. Merry belated Christmas to you guys and the pugs!! :)


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