Thursday, March 24, 2016

Enjoying the Small Things (and dogs)

The weather has been beautiful here for the past few days. Maybe spring is here to stay? Yesterday was about 70 and sunny so I went on a two mile walk with Phyllis (she was in the sling) then I sat in the backyard with both pugs and made a little flower wreath with some flowers from our yard.
They both looked so sweet. Look at those faces!
This is hard to write about, but for a little while I was having a hard time enjoying these two little souls. As you probably remember both of them had health crises last fall and for a while they felt more like a chore to me than my adored pets. Especially when they had six prescriptions between them, some given up to three times a day, and Priscilla was on iv fluids five times a day. Even now that they are doing much better and off medication there are still lots of accidents to clean up, we have to be vigilant to make sure Phyllis eats nothing but her canned food, and neither can walk well and have to be carried around 90% of the time. Both have lost most of their eye sight and will bark at you if they think you might have left the room, even if you haven't. 
I was spending so much time concentrating on their special needs that I wasn't paying attention to all the joy and love they have been giving us for the past five years. They love me unconditionally and ask for so little in return. I am taking time to take them on walks (or carries I guess, haha!), spend time with them sitting out in the yard, or even just standing and letting them take as much time as they need to eat their meals (it takes them both a LONG time) instead of trying to get a million things done and rushing them. Who knows how much longer we have with them, I don't want to take them for granted for even one second. 
Right now they are both sleeping next to me on the couch, softly snoring. All they really want is to be near us and have a soft place to sleep. We can do that. 
My little tripod. We are going to a pug meet up this weekend, and the first annual Murfreesboro pug fest is in two weeks. I hope the weather will stay nice so both ladies can make appearances. 
Hopefully this post doesn't make you think I'm the worst pug mom ever.


  1. I think your really connecting to their souls... and your enjoying them both in their own special way.
    When health issues,, come,,, its hard to stay focused,,,, we know,..
    Your good pawrents,,, and just what they both need,,, right now in their life.

  2. You are a,great mom. I totally understand. The last months,of norberts life,where,very hard. He was incontinent and had lots of back end weakness and he was 95 lbs. I'd do anything to have him back. But that time was hard I hated seeing him suffer

  3. I understand so much, special needs dogs are SO HARD. But ultimately so worth the love. Just imagine for one second that they were living with somebody with less patience and love than you have and you'll realize just how well you're doing. They're very lucky to have you guys.

  4. That's a LOT. I know sometimes you just have to be in "get it done" mode to play nurse to them. I find myself doing that when I have a lot of competing medical schedules with our pets and the rest of life is still happening, too. (IV 5x per day is a haul - we just have a few sets of meds daily/weekly and then 'script food.)

  5. This brought tears to my eye! So sweet! I take care of dogs and it can definitely be a chore to take care of older dogs that seem to require endless care. I don't think you should feel bad about that, it's totally natural. It's nice that you've found a balance now between caring for elderly dogs and still being able to enjoy them.

  6. It can be hard to be a pet parent, no question about it. It is okay to be frustrated sometimes. You love your dogs and they love you.

    Our dog needs to be helped with a sling since she had an FCE in October 2014. Our lives sort of revolve around her and her needs now. People who aren't pet lovers don't get it, for sure.


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