Saturday, March 26, 2016

Fantasy Golf!

You can't go to Gatlinburg without partaking in a round of miniature golf. We drove through Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge one night and I was talking about my favorite golf place, Adventure Golf. "Here it comes!" I said, ready to point out the window at the giant octopus I love so much, and there was an empty lot where it used to really hit me like a punch in the gut! At least I have lots of photos of it I guess. I found out they tore it down to make a space for a Steak and Shake. So sad.
After much moaning and maybe a few tears I was ok with Fantasy Golf. They have a big dragon in front, and a pegasus on a waterfall. Not quite as good as an octopus you can pose with, but still cute.
So much posing. You would not BELIEVE how many photos I had from this place. Or maybe you would. Whenever I'm on vacation with Crystal the photo count climbs immensely!
We picked up our airbrush shirts that morning so of course we had to wear them! Hot tub club!
Playing mini golf with 8 people takes a LONG time. Especially if you have a selfie stick. 
One thing I loved about Fantasy Golf was these wheels every few holes. You spun before your first turn and there were all kinds of funny options like you got to be a hazard on the course, or you had to do the whole hole with the opposite end of your stick. So fun!
We let several groups play through. There was just too much posing to do!
It was a very sunny day, and our shadows were strong on the course. Someone starting pointing at the holes while someone was shooting and soon we were all doing it and cracking up. New tradition!
I have great form. 
Here is Marc being a human hazard. 
You can't really tell, but Travis was singing in this photo. My favorite part of Fantasy Golf was the music. They had some station on playing a top 100 of this day in 1994 or something and it was all bummer songs! When at a family fun center you expect to hear stuff like "Celebrate" or "Hot Hot Hot" or at least semi current pop hits. We golfed to songs like "I Can't Make You Love Me" and "The Arms of the Angels" and my personal favorite, "Tears in Heaven".
Not expecting strong sun in February, I did not bring sun protection. We called it getting "Gatlin-burnt."
At one point we were letting two groups play through so Crystal, Aubrey and I hopped a little fence and took some photos with these carnival rides.
Can't get over those shirts! 
Crystal and Marc had to both putt at the same time for one hole. 
At one point Kimmie had to do an entire hole kicking the ball! 
Our favorite prop was this bear! I was laughing so hard going through these photos!
We took so long posing that most of us just took 5 strokes for this hole. Worth it. 
Travis and I both got hole in ones on hole 17! Yes!
Perfect sign.
We had to pose with the serpent a little before we left. That is why I'm making that face, haha!
It isn't as cute as Adventure Gold (RIP) but we had a great time at Fantasy Golf. 


  1. I am SO SAD to hear about Adventure Golf. my husband grew up going there on their vacations as a kid and he was so excited to take me there 2 years ago... we were looking forward to going there again in a couple of weeks :( what a bummer!!! we will have to check out Fantasy Golf instead...

    1. I am so sorry for your husband! I'm kind of glad you found out this way though. I was seriously gutted to drive past and see the sad empty lot.

    2. I agree... he would have been devastated if he couldn't see the octopus as we drove past! :(

  2. You guys had so much fun. I could not stop smiling reading this post. I love the shirts and that golf range is incredible. I haven't seen anything like that in Australia.

    1. I wonder if mini golf is an american thing. I've never really thought to look it up anywhere else. you would love it!

  3. SO GOOD. and i'm glad you document stuff like this so i can always remember them and not necessarily have to look at all 500 photos we took that day. We need to make this a yearly trip fo sho!

    1. i read that as "not ever have to look at the 500 photos we took that day" haha


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