Sunday, January 6, 2013

Roadside America in Louisville

I am so excited that there I finally have a Roadside America app on my phone! That is the site I use most when planning out trips for us, and having the app is great. I have also been using the Happy Cow app to find places for us to eat when we're on the road and it is totally worth the 2.99. We've been vegetarian for a few years and could usually find something to eat at most restaurants, but going vegan last month has made it a little harder. I heartily recommend that app to fellow veggies out there. 
We found a place to have breakfast that was somehow out of all their vegan options. So we ended up with oatmeal with fruit, which is fine with me! I liked the cute little splay of apple.
 Right across the street from this cafe was this great yard full of statues and junk, owned by a guy named Jerry. We stopped by a few years ago with Travis' family and Jerry was there and talked to us for a long time. He even gave Travis a Billy Beer can.
 There is so much to look at in there!
 I love the gorilla holding the ice cream cone.
 And ET of course.
 Poor Travis. I neglected to bring a jacked and it was COLD. He was gallant and insisted I wear his, so he froze the whole time. I tried to keep our visit to Jerry's junk short.
 Cool old signs. 
 The coolest stuff in Jerry's collections is inside the buildings! You can peek through the windows and see piles and piles of cool stuff! I wish you could take tours of it or something.
Jerry is very proud that he made this Nixon statue of Liberty.
 After that we took a drive through an old cemetery in town. We used to do that a lot, but haven't in a while. I love seeing all the beautiful old graves. Colonel Sanders is actually buried here, but we visited his grave on a previous trip. Some people leave chicken legs or honey packets there!
I thought this one was especially beautiful. Look at the anchor at the top! And the ship near the bottom. Really gorgeous. 
 Cute hobbit hole crypts.
 The reason we had made a detour here was to see this unusual grave, which has been affectionately nicknamed Jesus is my swing set by the people on roadside america. I love it!


  1. what am amazing grave, my mind boggles!

  2. I want to tag along, you go to the neatest places...

  3. Yes! I have that app and use it all the time. Sometimes it directs you to real stinkers or things that aren't there anymore, but I love checking them all off my list of places to see! That cemetery is beautiful!

    1. i love checking things off! that is probably my favorite thing about the app!

  4. oh man! those places look awesome. I love people who have yard fulls of junk...I am fairly certain that will be me when I am old and crazy. Also, check out the ass on jesus!

  5. that place looks mazinggggggg!sadly, i think my house is starting to look a lot like that. i just cant say no to good vintage.

  6. My eyes just popped out of the sockets like Rodger rabbit. There is too much rad going on in this place. Love the gorilla with the icecream. So cute.

  7. Wow, I love your posts on Louisville! I always realize I have so much more to explore here. Where is the cemetery? I explored one on Wednesday myself over near Bardstown. I'm thinking this is not the same one. I also wish I could get into Jerry's house to look around at all the great junk.

  8. Love these photos. That creepy Jesus is awesome! LOL

    Nestled in Nostalgia

  9. What an amazingly cool place. I particularly love that dog food sign

    urban hounds

  10. You went vegan? That's fab news! That grave is so creepy cool. I love Jerry's collection, I really like the lights outside

  11. Oh my God, the "Jesus is my swing set" is awesome beyond words....Have not heard of that one


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